Hair Transplant in Pakistan with latest techniques

Posted by rohny01 on December 15th, 2018

Hair loss is a very common factor in Pakistan. One out of every four people suffers from hair fall and baldness. Some people get completely bald but some people lose patches of hair from their head. Hair grows under the skin of our head in small points which are known as follicles. When follicles become weak and malnourished due to any reason, the person becomes bald. To regain the power of follicles and grow the hair again, some simple procedure is used which is known as a hair transplant.

FUE hair transplant Lahore is very common these days. There are a lot of doctors who perform these operations. Most of them are very successful. Hair transplant has given people a chance to grow their hair again. Hair restoration Pakistan is mainly done by two methods. The FUE follicular unit extraction and the FUT follicular unit transplantation. The most common method used in Pakistan is FUE. In FUE hair transplant, each follicular unit is individually taken out and inserted in patients head. FUE in Pakistan is commonly used other than FUT. Hair restoration in Pakistan is growing day by day.FUE can be done in single time or it may take multiple times to do so but it is more time consuming than FUT. The results obtained by FUE are natural. FUE does not give you any scars like FUT but small pointed scars may be visible for a few days but they return to normal with the passage of time.

Hair transplant in Pakistan is a complete procedure and it must be done with some research. First of all the person who wants to get a hair transplant, should visit different doctors and consult with them regarding the case. Choosing the right doctor is a big decision. Choose wisely. Once you have chosen the right doctor than a doctor might take some tests and blood samples before the procedure. After the blood samples are confirmed the doctor will give you some instructions and will give you some kind of anesthesia so you do not wake up during the surgery. Then the doctors will extract donor's hair and place them to the place where they are needed. As we have discussed the methods before, FUE hair transplant method would be used. After surgery, the doctor will again give you some instruction on how to avoid any kind of infections, pain, and swelling. If you follow the right procedure then it may not cause any problem for you.

Hair restoration process can take about a month to regrow your hair but you can be back to work within 2 to 4 days. The results are fast and long-lasting. The procedure might be painful for some patients but women tend to handle it better because they have a higher level of accepting pain. The most important thing is that the price of operation should not be considered a factor. The price of hair transplant in Pakistan is already very less so finding a cheaper surgery may end up in many problems like infection and also it may end up with compromised results.

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