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Posted by preform nicole on December 17th, 2018

The injection molding process in Pet Preform Mould injection molding machines, which are widely used in the manufacture of different products, is very versatile. In the production of plastic products, pay attention to the injection molding process and double check the product design, so that it is possible to obtain high quality and efficient molded nylon parts. Several design principles should be followed in injection molding.

1. Pay attention to the process details
As we know, the injection molding uses a negative image of the part to hollow out the two halves of the mold before the hot liquefied plastic is injected into the mold and cooled. When effectively cooled, the two halves are pulled apart. In the process, it is important to pay attention to these details.

1) Remember to place the gate correctly so that the removal of the finished product does not affect the integrity of the part.

2) Pay attention to part size and design elements as nylon parts shrink during cooling.

3) Consider the parting line when designing so that the parting line is in the appropriate area of ​​the final product when the part is released.

2. Pay attention to the wall thickness

The uniform wall thickness of the injection mold is common to Pet Preform Manufacturers. One problem is that shrinkage during cooling can result in improper mold and product design. Those skilled workers will place thicker areas on lower mold parts so that gravity can help cool the material in the right way. 

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