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Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1991 by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank and Mike Sheridan.

Java is one of the most straightforward languages for apprentices to begin with. In this area, I will contemplate on Object-Oriented Feature s and attributes of Java.

Java is fundamentally the same as C and C++ to start with yet gives much extra usefulness. Consequently, earlier information of these languages will be a plus point while learning Java.

Be that as it may, if this is your first programming language, you don't have to stress. I will control you through each required detail for an apprentice.

List of chapters:

  •          Why is Java named as Java?
  •          Different OOPs Feature s of Java
  •          Features and Characteristics of Java
  •          Is Java unadulterated Object Oriented Programming Language?

For what reason is Java Called Java?

In 1991, the language was named OAK to symbolize the tree outside Gosling's office. In 1995, the name changed to JAVA which originates from Java Coffee.

Give us a chance to have a fast look at the Feature s and qualities Java.

Object - Oriented Features Of Java:

Since it is an Object - oriented language, it will bolster the accompanying Feature s:

  •          Class
  •          Object
  •          Encapsulation
  •          Abstraction
  •          Inheritance
  •          Polymorphism

An object is a certifiable substance that has Advanced Java Training In Bangalore Marathahalli  three fundamental qualities: Identity, State, and Behaviour.

A class is an accumulation of items. We will think about classes in detail in further modules of this instructional exercise.

The way toward gathering these qualities and practices into a solitary unit is known as encapsulation.

 This procedure of supporting just fundamental and applicable data and disposing of the rest is known as abstraction.

When one class gains properties of another class, it is known as inheritance. The class that gives the properties is considered super class and the class that secures the properties is called subclass. The significant advantage of inheritance is reusability of code.

The last significant concept of Object - oriented programming computer programs is the polymorphism. ‘Poly’ means many and ‘morph’ means forms. This means it has statements that have many forms or the same statements can have different meanings in different contexts.

This is about OOPs concept. These focuses are sufficient for a novice to kick begin learning Java programming language. In the event that you need to know in detail, you can peruse Object-Oriented Programming in detail.

Feature and Characteristics of Java:

Aside from above an object oriented Feature s, JAVA is too:

1. Platform Independent

For what reason is Java Platform Independent Language?

Java is Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) language. This implies once the code is composed and gathered, it tends to be executed on any stage including Windows, Linux, Mac/OS and so on.

2. Portable

The byte code can be ported to any working framework.

3. Simple

Since its sentence structure takes after C and C++ programming, it is easy to learn.

4. Secure

Dissimilar to C++, Java doesn't bolster unequivocal pointers since Advanced Java Courses In Bangalore Marathahalli express pointers were viewed as a risk to security. Verifiable pointers still exist yet clients can't characterize pointers making the language progressively secure.

5. Robust

It has different offices for programmed junk accumulation with the goal that the clients don't need to make destructors. It additionally has solid sort checking and exemption taking care of making it a strong language.

6. Multithreading

Strings are autonomous little projects or subprograms of a program. At the point when these strings are run simultaneously, the procedure is called multithreading.

7. Architecture Neutral

We have found in C and C++ that the span of numbers, glide and different factors fluctuates as per the design of the framework in bits. Java has a similar size of a variable over every single conceivable design.

Java likewise performs better and can be utilized to make appropriated applications.

Is Java a pure object-oriented programming language?

There is a great deal of buzz in programming network whether Java is an unadulterated an object oriented programming language or not.

Note that Java is an object oriented language however not absolutely Object - oriented language. Java underpins the formation of articles and in addition crude information types like int, coast, and roast and so on.

A simply object oriented language will bolster the production of articles as it were.

This is the prologue to the Java where we have secured attributes of Java and its Object - oriented concepts.

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