Julio Licinio Talks About How To Handle Depression At Work Place

Posted by JulioLicinio on December 17th, 2018

Depression is the modern day slayer which encroaches to our mind without any signal and affect our day to day life with negative thinking. Dr. Julio Licinio who is working as the Assistant Professor of Yale University after doing his Ph.D, M.D has discussed many unknown things and the ways to handle it in a recent seminar on Mental Health.

The fast-paced life of today's generation makes them restless, ambitious and frustrated as well. Dr. Julio Licinio said; "The new age generation tries hard to keep the balance of their professional and personal life but somewhere fails to achieve it. They have to do compromise in their personal life to achieve something better in career goal. However, this failure can turn into depression if not moved on timely." The huge job responsibility, peer pressure, competition and aspiration are responsible for mood swing, anxiety and many other negative emotions. "And, the worst reason is office politics which has become a common culture in corporate scenario", he added.

To handle this situation, there are few suggestions by this ex-head of the Mind and Brain Theme of SAHMRI. The first thing you should do is to get help from the therapist, family and friends. They will help you to cope up the situation easily. Find your own support zone in friend circle. In those tough days, you must have a friend on whom you have complete faith that he or she will help you through the difficult time.

Try to discuss the things with your employer. It will help them to understand the reason behind your lack of interest towards work. If you want to not discuss with your colleagues, then clearly avoid them in case they are responsible for your situation. "You have to learn to say NO. It is the golden rule to handle any kind of depression', said Dr. Julio Licinio. Involve yourself to do something productive and creative which will engulf your mind in a positive way. You can also take a short break and go on a vacation.

However, the most important thing to grip over depression is the acceptance of the fact that you are suffering from this condition and then find the way towards recovery.         

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