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36.Digital print scarf manufacturer

Posted by Scarf001 on December 17th, 2018

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is divided into digital direct printing and digital thermal transfer printing. Digital direct printing means: using a digital printer to directly print the pattern you need on a variety of materials. For digital thermal transfer printing, it is necessary to pre-print the printed pattern on special paper, and then transfer it to various materials by thermal transfer, such as T-shirts, underwear, sportswear, and other clothing.

Basic features of digital thermal transfer:

(1) You don’t need to spend expensive plate making costs, just transfer your favorite pattern and heat transfer printing master, and the printing master can process the printing paper for transfer after a little processing.

(2) Since there is no need to make plates, it saves some unnecessary process flow, and the speed of the sample is quicker and faster, and it can be sampled in 2-3 days.

(3) The number of colors is unlimited, making the pattern color more full and delicate.

(4) The materials used are environmentally friendly and non-polluting, which can completely eliminate the worries of environmentally unqualified.

(5) One print, which can highlight the only personalized features in the world.

(6) Excellent colorfastness, as long as your fabric is made of polyester-based fabric, the colorfastness to light fastness can reach 4 or above.

(7) It is soft to the touch and has good air permeability.

Four advantages of digital printing

Digital printing machine proofing has become the mainstream production method in the western printing industry. More than 90% of European printing companies use digital printing machines to proof, these companies generally believe that digital printing machine proofing speed, low proofing cost, good consistency, digital printing machine has become an essential part of the European printing industry tool. The overall solution has achieved good results.

Digital printing proofing has the following four advantages over traditional proofing:

1, the reaction speed is fast

With its rapid proofing, the digital printing machine can enhance the response speed of the enterprise to the order. In the shopping mall, the competition of the printing company is intensified, the processing price is reduced, and the profit margin is reduced. Customers put forward higher requirements for printing companies in terms of cost, response speed, quality, service, etc. Which company takes the lead first and gets an order. Increasing the speed of proofing will undoubtedly enable companies to win among many competitors.

2, cost reduction

Using digital printing machine proofing, it can replace some of the work that had to be proofed on the rotary screen or flat screen printing machine, no need to occupy the machine time. Generally, a sample often takes up 3-4 hours of a machine. If the customer is not satisfied, it will be modified repeatedly, resulting in a great waste of production capacity.

3, the proofing effect is good, the customer approval rate is high

Digital printing and traditional printing belong to different systems. Many professional technicians are worried that the proofing effect with digital printing machine is too good. The traditional printing can’t achieve such an effect. In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary. At present, in order to solve this problem, domestic companies have organized in-depth research by the best domestic craftsmen and found solutions. This program uses software to adjust the digital printing proofing effect so that the traditional printing machine can achieve the proofing effect in production. From the color point of view, since the color gamut of the paste used in the traditional printing is wider than the color gamut of the digital printing ink, the color effect produced by the digital printing machine can be completely simulated by the conventional slurry.

4, a wide range of applications

The inks that can be used for proofing are active inks, acid inks, and dispersing inks (transfer printing). The use of dispersing inks for direct printing is still finding suitable inks. In the customer sample, if it is a paper draft, electronic draft, you can use the digital printing machine to proof directly after the color separation process, the traditional printing machine can complete the mass production according to the proofing effect.

If the sample is a swatch, you need to explain to the customer some features of the digital printing, and you can change the proofing mode after receiving the customer’s approval. In particular, enterprises must consider the ability of customers to accept new things. For some more conservative customers, the traditional proofing method is still relatively stable. Only when digital proofing becomes the mainstream of the market, it is appropriate to recommend digital printing proofs to these customers. This process will take approximately 2-3 years in the country.

Digital printing technology and traditional printing technology are two different printing mechanisms in printing, so the use of digital printing machine proofing needs to have a running-in period with customers. From the perspective of the process, the internal proofing and production system of the enterprise must also have a running-in period. If it is possible to develop a set of process standards, companies can quickly introduce digital printing proofing systems, which are recognized by customers.

Disadvantage analysis

Digital printing technology still needs to be improved, and the shortcomings of digital printing technology are mainly manifested in four aspects:

(1) The printing speed is slow.

Efficiency is money, and the speed of printing is largely the benefit of the enterprise. At present, the fastest digital inkjet printing machine can print at speeds of up to 150m2/h, but it is still far behind and needs to be further improved compared with traditional printing machines.

(2) The ink cost is high.

Although digital inkjet printing does not require a screen printing, the total cost of production in a small amount is lower than that of a conventional printing, and the price of the ink used is much higher than that of the conventional printing. Therefore, after a certain printing length, the ink price will pull the number. The cost of printing makes it more than traditional printing. The price of future inks needs to be adjusted to promote the development of digital inkjet printing.

(3) The combination of new and old technologies.

The digital printing technology is constantly improving, and the printing speed is also accelerating, but there is still a long way to go to catch up with the speed of traditional printing machines. Therefore, the use of time-saving digital printing machine for proofing or small-scale production, and then with the traditional printing machine for mass production, will be the basic combination mode of the textile printing industry for some time to come. The combination of old and new technologies is still a problem, and further breakthroughs are needed.

(4) Color accuracy

Compared with the traditional printing of spot color printing, that is, each set of color is separately formulated with color paste, through the computer color matching color matching system, high color accuracy can be achieved, even if a certain color paste deviates, it only affects a set of colors. The digital printing is a CMYK mixed color printing. All the colors are mixed by four color inks. A little influence such as ink difference, the difference between the print heads, and small changes in the environment during printing will affect the color mixing. The accuracy of the series of colors. Therefore, the color accuracy of digital printing is slightly worse than traditional printing.

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