How to match the color of the clothes with the color of the silk scarf?

Posted by Scarf001 on December 18th, 2018

1. Red - red is reminiscent of blood, associating with the source of life. It represents positive. Strong sense of autonomy.

a. Red + yellow + gray (approximate color)

This combination looks gorgeous. This method can be used when the light gray and dark gray of the silk scarf emphasizes itself. The contrast of yellow shows a kind of vitality. This method can be used when you need to emphasize yourself.

b. Red + gray

The red positive and the gray negative create a sense of balance. Unexpectedly showing a distinctive and trendy sweetness

c. Red + red

Matching the same color is the basic color matching method, but for red, it will produce too strong effects. Therefore, in the selection of silk scarves, the system is also simple, to reconcile the strong impression of red.

2. Yellow - yellow symbolizes the sun's rays. In terms of hue, it shows extroversion, positive, and insists on the mentality of its own assertion.

a. Yellow + lake blue (compared with hot and cold colors)

The strong yellow color of the clothes gives the impression of over-emphasizing self-assertion. Paired with a blue silk scarf, it makes people feel calm and quiet, giving people a sense of youthful vitality.

b. Yellow + dark blue (contrast color matching)

This kind of strong contrast color matching is difficult for the average person. However, this example is based on the tie method, giving a humorous and brisk feeling.

c. Light yellow + pink (near color matching)

The yellow positive attitude and the pink stability mentality seem to be unsuitable, but this example uses a combination of bright light yellow and light pink, giving a happy, full of fantasy.

3. Green – Green is a symbol of trees and forests, giving people a feeling of entering nature.

a. Bean green + orange-red (contrast color matching)

The green bean dress with strong orange scarves is reminiscent of the blooming flowers in the tropical forest in the early spring, giving a vibrant natural beauty.

b. Tender green + brown (matching contrast)

The tender green clothes are reminiscent of the early spring buds. It matches the brown silk scarf, like a peaceful, elegant atmosphere.

c. Light green + red + yellow (three primary colors)

The first impression of this color scheme is pride. The material of the scarf and the circular shape of the scarf on the neck give a keen impression.

4. Black/white (no color) - black: heavy, tense, giving a depressed impression

- White: pure, safe, giving a calm impression:

a. Black + white

Black/white is a colorless series, because of their characteristics, it is the most coordinated color in color matching. Their color matching is a good match.

b. Black + three primary colors

Black is matched with no color. It will give people a mysterious sense of Chinese ink painting, but combining with the three primary colors will give people a new sense of urbanism.

c. White + intense color

When white is matched with light tones, it gives a feeling of freshness, serenity, and softness: but when combined with strong colors, it gives a feeling of upward, cheerful, and hopeful. Even if it is difficult to match the purple color of other colors, it can be combined with white to achieve a perfect match.

5. Pink - pink, the symbol of plum, gives a sweet impression.

a. Pink + black (contrast color matching)

Pink clothes reinforce the feeling of sweetness and happiness, but people feel lost. After the silk scarf with black as the main tone. Strengthened self-image.

b. Pink + smoky gray (matching color and achromatic)

Pink clothes with a silk-based silk scarf are the basic tonal mix. The smoky gray in the silk scarf gives an elegant impression of calmness and grace.

c. Pink + brown (similar color)

This color scheme reminds people of the plum blossoms that bloom in winter. The pink color of the clothes is fully displayed without highlighting the silk scarf, giving a natural beauty.

For more information on scarves, please pay attention to the women scarf manufacturers’ blog.


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