Global Gym Ball Market Projected to Augment at a Notable CAGR during the Forecas

Posted by Arslan on December 18th, 2018

With more number of fitness conscious people hitting the gyms, various gym accessories have become popular. One of those is the gym ball. There are a range of balls available in the Global Gym Ball Market these days to suit one’s height, weight and purpose. For instance, there are small exercise balls, large exercise balls, toning balls of smaller size, medicines or therapy balls, and foot massage balls. They help in toning the body by helping gym users to stretch. They are used in physiotherapy for back pain patients, and also for core training too. Such wide ranging uses is providing an impetus to global gym ball market.

Apart from the rising tribe of health conscious people, other factors too are serving to boost the global gym ball market. Those include relatively less entry barriers leading to a proliferation of players and products. Online ecommerce platforms too are impacting sales positively.

As people worldwide shift towards a more sedentary and stressful life, with long hours chained to one’s office desk, the global gym ball market is set to receive a definitive fillip. This is because, most of them opt for gymming or workout at home in the afterhours to relax.

The health and fitness industry is witnessing excellent growth with over 201,000 health clubs and more than 162 million health club members worldwide. According to a report published by the IHRSA Foundation, the health club industry accounted for over US$ 83 billion in revenue, in 2016. With the emergence of innovative trends in the health and fitness industry, these numbers are likely to increase further in the upcoming years. An increasing number of health club members willing to participate in innovative forms of fitness activities is expected to contribute to the growth of the gym ball market.

Increasing health awareness and active participation in fitness activities is giving rise to innovative forms of exercises and gym equipment, such as gym ball. Core training has been one of the top fitness trends over the past few years, which involves the use of gym balls or exercise balls. Growing use of gym balls in various fitness activities, especially the ones that require stability devices, is boosting the development of the gym ball market. Most fitness professionals are developing various fitness programs that involve gym balls attributing to their growing popularity among individuals across the globe.

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Gym balls are being used in various fitness applications to improve multiple muscle systems and establishing/restoring the balance of the body’s natural processes. Increasing popularity of gym balls in the fitness, as well as rehabilitation industry, is now boosting its demand in the private sector. Professional athletes are making more aggressive use of gym balls to improve their physical strength and athletic performance. A constantly widening range of applications of gym balls in the fitness industry is complementing the burgeoning growth of the gym ball market.

Over 60%-80% adults experience lower back pain at least once in their lifetime, and its prevalence is increasing across the world. Sitting on office chairs all day long can be an extremely painful experience for working professionals with lower back pain or spinal cord disorders. Increasing awareness about the benefits of using a gym ball or stability ball in special physiological exercises or therapies is boosting its adoption in corporate offices as well. As sitting on a gym ball and not on an office chair can improve the blood circulation and relieve back pain, using it as a chair is gaining popularity in the corporate culture. Manufacturers in the gym ball market can consider this as a wonderful opportunity to improve their product portfolio and sales across various industrial sectors.

Although, various government organizations that regulate occupational health and safety conditions recommend not using gym balls instead of office chairs complying with the workplace safety regulations. Due to the lack of evidence on the benefits of using gym balls as just a small part of a fitness regime, no official organization supports the use of gym balls as office chairs. It can make a negative impact on the growth of the gym balls market. Also, replacing certified office chair by fitness balls can create risks of introducing a hazard and induce needs for work-related injury management. It is a major factor that can reduce demand for fitness balls in the corporate sector and hamper the growth of the gym ball market in the upcoming years.

Gym balls are used for a wide range of applications in health clubs, including physiotherapy for back pain patients, yoga, and core training. Consumers are becoming highly critical of various factors, such as burst-proof ratings, its applications, and cost while purchasing gym balls. Depending on its applications, manufacturers are producing various types of gym balls such as large exercise balls, small exercise balls, medicines or therapy balls, small toning balls, and foot massage balls. Manufacturers are focusing on dynamic consumer demands to produce highly efficient gym balls that perfectly suit their intended applications. Incorporating innovative designs, material, and manufacturing technologies to produce high-quality and cost-efficient gym balls in one of the popular trends in the gym balls market.


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