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Posted by Arslan on December 18th, 2018

The global yoga market is envisaged to experience a rise in demand during the forecast period due to the rise in the ongoing trend to take physical activities. Rapid urbanization and changed in lifestyle has resulted one to forget the physical activities, thanks to the incessant technological advancement. Rise in health conscious population is promoting indoor fitness exercises such as yoga. Uptake of yoga has also increased as it cost effective and doesn’t not requires certain amount of equipment’s, thus aiding the growth of the Global Yoga Mats Market.

Manufacturers of yoga mat are gushing funds behind the research and development team to come with a more sustainable raw materials. Manufacturing are now aiming on using recyclable and natural raw materials which are known to be bio degradable. This has made them popular among the environmental concern population, as these mats are known to be environmental friendly. Yoga mats are known to be sold through various distribution channel such as online stores and organized retail stores. Rise in number of organized retail stores is contributing to the growth of the global yoga mats market. Organized retail stores also helps in formulating brand names with proper advertisement, thus attracting customer attention.

Growing health and fitness concerns among individuals are encouraging individuals to invest in physical activities such as Yoga. Nearly 2 billion people in the world practice yoga daily to maintain their physical health, mental health, and improving athletic performance. As yoga is becoming popular among individuals across regions, international government organizations such as United Nations General Assembly declared June 21 as the International Yoga day.

Increasing participation of individuals in Yoga has translated into a spurt in sales of merchandise and apparels for customer’s convenience. Banking on the growing requirements of the customers, leading manufacturers such as Tomuno and Manduka Pro are concentrating on incorporating safety and comfort features. In addition, these companies are focusing on offering enhanced gripping capabilities by utilizing premium quality rubber extracted from natural resources. Major companies are focusing on offering comfortable, safe, and biodegradable Yoga mats to offer improved customer experience to the customers.

In order to pace up with the growing requirements of the potential customers, leading companies are narrowing their focus towards developing Yoga mats equipped with advanced technological features. For instance, a Yoga mat company – Blank Yoga is focused on developing a range of self-cleaning Yoga mats. These mats are equipped with antibacterial technology, which utilizes antimicrobial silver salts that make the makes the Yoga mats permanently resistant to odor, bacteria, and germs.

Besides leveraging novel technological solutions, Yoga mat companies such as Hejhej-Mats is narrowing their investments towards developing Yoga mats that are composed recycled foam to incorporate the highest level of comfort and stability to the customers. The top-most layer incorporated in the Yoga mats have been approved by the healthcare industry and offer the customers with enhanced cushioning, neutral smell, and super slip resistance features.

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Focus on Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Production to Influence Manufacturing Decisions

As Yoga-enthusiasts prefer spending on healthy, comfortable, and environment-friendly products and services, major companies such as Manduka and Tomuno are diverting their focus towards utilizing components that dispense low emissions levels during the manufacturing process. Moreover, stringent government regulations across regions have compelled manufacturers to invest in environment-friendly components for developing Yoga mats. To align with the stringent government regulations, Yoga mat manufacturers are shifting their focus from utilizing PVC materials to thermal plastic elastomer (TPE) materials.

For instance, major performance yoga mat companies such as Dragonfly Yoga are diverting their investments towards developing eco-friendly and lightweight Yoga mats to offer biodegradable and eco-friendly solutions. The company utilizes thermal plastic elastomer as an alternative to PVC in order to offer UV-resistance, latex-free, recyclable, and phthalate-free Yoga mats. In addition, incorporation of the TPE components in the Yoga mats also offers water-proof and skid-proof features.  

Also, leading companies such as Manduka is focused on developing a range of environment-friendly and non-toxic Yoga mats such as eKO Lite Mats. These mats are manufactured using rubber from natural resources and biodegradable components as an alternative to PVC materials. Bound to the robust grip and safe, and comfortable features, these Yoga mats are magnetizing the attention of Yoga enthusiasts and its competitors. 

Rapid advancements in technology have led individuals to prefer making online purchases. Major companies are focusing on benefiting through the e-commerce portals by offering their products and services to customers beyond the geographical bounds. In order can broaden their customer base, both small and major companies are focusing on offering their products and services through e-commerce platforms such as,,,, and

Yoga mat companies such as Manduka, Jade Fusion, and Tumuno are banking on the opportunity and offering lucrative deals for Yoga equipment and apparels at discounted rates through online portals. Through offering premium quality Yoga mats to customers across regions, leading companies are focusing on improving their brand identity and expanding the customer base. Through implementing various pricing analysis, major companies are focusing on highlighting innovative and novel products and boost sales.

With the increasing number of Yoga studios cropping up in China, demand for Yoga mats will continue to escalate in the country. Capitalizing on the growing popularity of Yoga among citizens of China, leading companies such as Lululemon are concentrating on offering reversible Yoga mats to offer comfort and safety while practicing various types of Yoga. The company is offering these Yoga mats at reasonable and discounted prices to the customers to establish their brand identity and improve their position in the competitive market.

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