Why Granite is a Good Kitchen Countertop Material

Posted by Nabin Shaw on December 18th, 2018

There are many types of materials available for kitchen countertops; it can be natural stone, laminated and even wood. However, for the toughest stuff, nothing beats a granite countertop, Fort Pierce. Granite is a very durable natural stone because it is formed deep inside the bowels of the earth. The stone is extracted by quarrying big chunks of this rock. This large piece of stone is then sliced into pieces and once cut; a machine polishes the surface of the granite to bring out the natural color of the stone.

The Beauty of Granite Countertop

Granite is the perfect natural stone for countertops because it is with a range of color and pattern combination. According to Granite and Marble Design, a leading supplier of granite countertop Fort Pierce, most of these stones are in shades of red, brown, black, white or gray. Sometimes they can come in exquisite colors too like blue and green. They also have beautiful patterns that appear like swirls and veins, which make the stone more attractive.

Another beautiful feature of granite countertops is the minute crystal that can catch the light and shimmer. These various crystals are what makes the rock very colorful. Each of the slabs of granite is unique, and there are no two slabs that are alike.

In Granite and Marble Design, this stone has more endearing quality than meets the eye. It is a natural material that has withstood the test of time. The majestic structures of our ancient civilization have used granite like the great pyramids in Egypt and the famous sculpture at Mount Rushmore. If you use granite for your kitchen, it will be there for a long haul.

What Makes Granite an Excellent Countertop?

One of the best features of granite is its hardness. It is a perfect choice for the kitchen because it is hard enough to endure abrasions and scratches which happens during daily preparations in the kitchen. Granite countertops Fort Pierce is harder than your kitchen knives. Next is it is sturdy enough to bear the weight of your kitchen appliances. It can hold any kitchen items that you place over it.

Another characteristic of granite is its resistance to weathering. This is because granite is formed in the same way as diamonds; it has undergone tremendous pressure underground. This is why granite will not melt, warp and even change color when they are subjected to extreme temperature. It also holds its color and luster when exposed to different elements.

Why Choose Granite and Marble Design?

In Fort Pierce, there is only one expert in a granite countertop, Granite and Marble Design. They are serving the residential and commercial clients in the area with top quality granite countertop. If you are doing kitchen renovations or building a new kitchen, Granite and Marble Design can provide you with impeccable service and high-quality materials. They have a team of experts who fabricate and install granite countertops for the kitchen, bathroom, office or any interior setting. Trust only the best countertop manufacturer in Fort Pierce.

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