MTU 16V 1163 M94 for sale

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MTU 16V 1163 M94 for sale with typical applications

Engine Model                    16V 1163 M94
Rated power ICFN kW (bhp)       5920 (7940)    
Speed                rpm        1275 - 1325
No. of cylinders                16
Bore/stroke       mm (in)       230/280 (9.1/11.0)   
Displacement, total l (cu in)   186.1 (11357)
Optimization of exhaust emissions  IMO II
at rated powr     g/kWh         211

MTU 16V 1163 M94 for sale with Standard Equipment
Starting system           Air-in cylinder starting system (max. operating pressure 40 bar)
Oil system                Double impeller oil circulation pumps, oil heat exchanger, centrifugal oil fi lter, oil change equipment, lube oil priming system
Fuel system               Mechanically driven fuel delivery pump, fuel duplex fi lter, Common-Rail injection system with high pressure pumps,high pressure accumulators and electrically operated injection valves, jacketed high pressure fuel lines, cylinder bank cut out system, leak-off fuel tank with level monitor, fuel prefi lter with water separator, hand pump for fuel prefi lter priming, electric fuel booster pump with non-return valve for starting aid
Cooling system            Coolant circulation pumps, coolant thermostats, raw water pump, non-self-priming, coolant preheating system, coolant expansion tank, raw water cooled plate-core heat exchanger
Combustion air system     On engine air system with suction from engine room, set of air fi lters with connection housing
Exhaust system            Two-stage MTU sequential turbocharging (speed/load-sensitive turbocharger cut-in/out) comprising several modular turbocharger groups each with 1 L.P. and 1 H.P. turbochargers and L.P. and H.P. intercoolers; electric./pneum. operated intake air and exhaust gas fl ow control fl aps for sequential turbo charging, vertical exhaust connection with exhaust compensators
Mounting system           Resilient engine mounting
Power transmission        Torsionally resilient steel spring coupling, engine mounted, radial and axial shaft misalignment coupling
Engine management system  Engine control and monitoring system (ADEC), engine control unit (ECU), engine monitoring unit (EMU),engine interface module (EIM), sensors, plug connectors and wiring on engine
Monitoring and Control System     Local monitoring/control for the propulsion plant(s), local operating panel (LOP) (with gearbox monitoring; with gearbox clutch control In/Out), MTU Standard interface of local operating panel (LOP) (for gearbox monitoring and gearbox clutch control), shaft speed monitoring by local operating panel (LOP), MTU standard interface of local operating panel (LOP) (for shaft speed monitoring), electric pump control unit (EPC) (for lube oil and fuel)

MTU 16V 1163 M94 for sale with Optional Equipment

Starting system           Compressed air tank, start pilot cold starting aid
Oil system                Automatic oil level check and replenishment system
Fuel System               Fuel oil treatment plant for separating solids and water
Cooling system            Raw water pump primer for non-self-priming raw water pump
Combustion air system     On engine air system for external air intake, set of air intake elbows (air fi lter with water separator supplied by  shipyard)
Exhaust system            Exhaust pipe junction (horizontal discharge), exhaust pipe junction (insulated), resiliently mounted on engine, with horizontal exhaust gas discharge toward engine driving end or free end, consisting of: Junction of on-engine exhaust outlets, with bellows before junction, bellows after junction with counter fl ange and attaching hardware for resilient connection of ship‘s-side exhaust line
Mounting system           Resilient engine mounting for increased shock and sea-state related loads
Monitoring and Control System      MTU monitoring and control system MCS, remote control system RCS
Certifi cation                     ABS, BV, CCS, CR, DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA and others

MTU 16V 1163 M94 for sale
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