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Posted by Ringcaptcha on December 18th, 2018

User authentication is a common process in digital technology. The simplest form introduced was a username and a password. While most of the user applications mandate a more complex password, counterproductive groups always find a loophole in the system. These credentials were exploited by applying a technique of generating a combination of multiple passwords called brute force. This was later upgraded with added security measures and this led to the development of multi-stage authentication. For a mobile phone is widely used by everyone, software developers designed phone verification API to design secure authentication codes.

Two-factor authentication service

2fa service is the abbreviation used for an authentication process that involves various customized processes. Such service benefits the users by employing additional measures to prevent unauthorized access. This service requires the user to provide additional security clearance apart from the usual password. The most common uses of 2fa are email accounts, payment gateways, mobile apps, and others.

  •  The authentication factors include the most commonly used SMS code generation, providing pre-generated authentication codes, phone call verification and sometimes the IP address verification.
  •  Businesses benefit with the use of such services by filtering numbers that are spam. This identity authentication system is crucial while gathering data like form filling, survey, new account registration and checkout services for mobile businesses.
  •  With planning and implementation, the authentication service provides a barrier between cybercrime and users as it mandates the user to use both something they have knowledge of and something they are in possession of. On the other side, this discourages cybercriminals from stealing critical information from hacked computers.

Phone verification

Application programming interface (API) is a process where developers get access to all the required tools, programming, routines and other procedures for building software. The most common use for 2fa service is to enable users to fight fraud by using SMS verification. The API app verifies the user by using a phone call or SMS authentication. The benefits are expanded by enabling the operator to use the same platform to various authentication processes; expanding the scope of business and live support from a team of experts.

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