Benefits Of Installing Elegant Looking Golf Clocks In Your Golf Course

Posted by Chomko LA on December 19th, 2018

Golf courses need clocks because game of golf is time bound program and sporting activity. You need to tell the players and the audience how much is time remaining in the game so as to keep the interest fertile. If you have watched the game live or on TV you might have noticed that players play lots of practice shots before playing the actual shot hence it is necessary that you install a golf clock and tell how much time is being wasted.

Here are the reasons why you should have golf clocks installed in your course

  1. Too many slow plays mar the game and lose the tempo for a group. Shot clocks must be installed to cut down the slow play and goad the players to get on with it. This will be not only being a boost for the game and also for the audience whose patience is tested time and again. Play will be conducted at a fair clip and organizers will be happy that the tournament is well on its way.
  1. Fan experience will be highly enhanced. Fans will be continuously looking at the outdoor golf clocks and expecting their team make the score before the last minutes are over.
  1. Golf can be slow and relaxing, but is least interesting for watchers. Have you heard anybody saying that golf is too fast? It is actually very slow and painful to watch, but with the golf clocks around it is not any more laid back.  You will have faster rounds of the game and you certainly don’t have 5-6 hours to waste on weekends.
  1. The outdoor clocks are special items because they need to be installed at isolated places where it could be difficult to provide electric cable to supply power. Solar powered golf clocks are most appropriate for the scenario as they are self sustained for power and time updates.
  1. Rolex golf clock is a significant addition to the already elegant ambience of the golf green as they can be planted everywhere in and around the 18 holes. When it comes to add elegance and beauty you can’t beat the Rolex design as it is ever green and looks best under majestic backgrounds.

Besides increasing efficiency of play in the golf ground these clocks also play significant role in beautifying the golf grounds. Owners not only gain operational efficiency but also increase the esteem of their clubs when they install classic looking golf clocks.

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