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Posted by Nupur Sharma on December 19th, 2018

CRB Tech is one of the Best Online software testing Course in Pune and they give training in software testing with guaranteed job placement.

Software quality assurance is monitored by a software tester. Just consider an example where software has lots of defects before giving it to a client or a customer, it needs to be resolved before the deadline and here is software testing profile comes into the picture.

The significance of Software Testing in the life cycle product development is quite in demand. If you are a fresher and you wish to make your career in this field then you can take up Online Software Testing Course in Pune by taking up this online training course you can actually learn from anywhere and anytime as per your confidence

Advantages of Online Software Testing Training

  • Excellent career opportunities through Skill and Knowledge development

  • Trainees can get the knowledge from anyplace and anytime which is apt for them because of the online software testing certification.

  • Enhance your knowledge and confidence on the subject.

  • Understand via recorded training sessions

  • This course is beneficial for both working professionals and aspirants

Types of Software Testing :

An application is validated by the process of software testing for its functions, components as required. The system does not have any bugs and it works as per expectation is actually tested and monitored by this process. Let us see some of the types of software testing used currently:

  • Beta Testing

  • A/B Testing

  • Cross Browser Testing

  • Black Box Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • Exploratory Testing

  • Negative Testing

  • Load Testing

  • Pair Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • Recovery Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Sanity Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Smoke Testing

  • Security Testing

  • UAT Testing

  • Stress Testing

  • White Box Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Unit Testing

Best Automated Software Testing Tools :

There are lots of automated software testing tools which comes into the picture because of more focus on test automation. Many of the testers might be pondering on which one is the best among the list of software testing tools. We have jotted down the 5 best-automated software testing tools to assist such people with automation process:

1) Selenium

2) Appium

3) Katalog Studio

4) Cucumber

5) Eggplant Functional

Tips for Modern Software Testing in 2019 :

It is not easy to test modern software but it is possible to pacify the pain by shifting to creative innovative testing approaches that accept the organization, testers, developers and the businesses and make use of the best tests to assist you in reaching your goals.

There are lots of developers who find their interest in test-driven development (TDD), a software development process where you need to write the tests before composing the code. It has a major issue of targeting the developers instead of the organization.

BDD: A Better Approach

This is a modern software testing method which combines the testers, developers and the business people together. The goal is to develop and focus on the business and customers need from a software product. The risk related to this approach of Given-When-Then Syntax is that it does not work without collaboration. This method works the best when the business needs to function well with the developers and testers to compose user stories.

Why Software Testing is Important in 2019 :

Most of the times the significance of software testing is ignored. The products and the business will have a distraught and might without following the software testing steps. Let us see some of the important points to note:

1. Software Testing Saves Funds

The testing procedure has lots of advantages and one of the most important ones is its cost-effectiveness. It will actually save lots of cash value on the long run by inculcating testing on your project. There are lots of stages of software development and if bugs are detected in the prior stages it is very affordable to fix them. Thus it is important to do the testing procedure quickly.

2. Security

This is quite sensitive and is riskier if neglected. Most of the cases of cyber crimes come up with information theft of the users. So the users always look for trusted and secured products. The personal information stored or provided in various apps needs to be secured and protected like banking and transaction information.

3. Product Quality

Any project that you actually wanted to start must have a plan to execute it very well. It is always good to stick to the plan to get the desired results. There are various ways where the products delivered lack the actual quality. The end product should work properly and that is why testing procedures must be strictly followed. The product compatibility on various devices must be checked.

4. Customer Satisfaction

After the product demonstration and delivery, the customer must feel satisfied that is the reason why the software is to be tested for genuineness before the product delivery. It is very difficult to earn the trust of a customer and it takes a while to have mutual conduct and maintain cordial relationships. Therefore it is important to inculcate testing procedures and deliver good quality products.

Join the Online testing certification now and make a successful career in this field.

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