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High quality of paper without compromise of quality

Posted by samkushman1 on December 19th, 2018

Companies understand that your success depends in part on participation rates. By banning plastic from your municipal program, you will contribute positively to the eco-responsible recycling cycle of organic waste.

Many manufacturers are trying to work by reusing closed water manufacturing. Paper cannot be recycled indefinitely: the quality of the wood fiber decreases with each treatment and can only be reused from two to five times at most.

So the choice is really very simple: to choose the quality and durability, whether you are an individual or a company, all you need to do is choose paper and eco-friendly and high quality from MONDI ROTATRIM COPY PAPER.

You have to close look before buying theBuy Best quality copy Paper :

Smooth surface for perfect print quality

All the steps of the process are coordinated, from the production of base paper to the application of the preparation layer, the thermal layer, and the protective layer.

This gives a paper with a perfectly smooth and uniform surface. This result ensures high resolution and good print quality.

Compared with traditional raw papers, which often have unprinted areas and poor print quality, ROLLENLAND thermal papers guarantee an optimal result.

An excellent take of color, ideal for advertising

For advertising purposes, more and more of our customers want the back of their ticket rolls to be printed in color. Thanks to their smooth surface, our thermal paper products guarantee a uniform and high-quality printing result.

No abrasion due to low ion content

In critical weather conditions, too much Na, K, and CI ion can damage the glass-ceramic protective layer of the print heads.

The iron content of our thermal paper products is strictly lower than the so-called critical levels (Na <500ppm, K <100ppm, CI <300ppm).

This low ion content is an essential condition to ensure the long life of the print heads.

Uses of recycled paper without any compromise on quality

Recycled paper and paperboard used for printing (newspapers, magazines, home printers, etc.), writing or graphics (blocks or notebooks, drawing paper), wiping (paper towels) or hygiene (-toilet paper, tissues, etc.). They are also used to make packaging or corrugated cardboard, holsters, tubes or boxes for storage, shipping or protection. Other original products are sometimes produced as board games, interior partitions, lecterns or baskets paper.

You will not notice any difference between Buy Double A A4 Copier Paper and other high-quality brands of paper and cardboard. But by choosing PAPER PRO SA INFRASTRUCTURE, you choose to give a second life to agricultural waste by using it for the production of ecological paper and cardboard.

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