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Pregnancy Week Calculator: You?re Pregnancy Guide for Nine Months

Posted by motherhoodhospital on December 19th, 2018

Being pregnant is one of the most happiest and exciting period in a woman’s life. It is a phase when a woman goes through numerous changes in her body and in the child that growing in her. These experiences are altogether new for a first time mother and this is why it is very important to know the progressive development in a weekly period.

When you are ready of the big day, but don’t know where to begin, a pregnancy weeks calculator comes to your rescue. The first thing that any woman would like to know is her due date. Perhaps you won’t be able to know the exact date, but knowing it approximately is good enough though and it is all possible with the pregnancy week calculator by due date.

What is a Pregnancy Week Calculator and how does it works?

A pregnancy week calculator not only aids in telling the approximate due date but also the date of conception as well. This weekly calculator provides you with answers of the most important pregnancy questions. It is very essential to know what stage of pregnancy you are in.

It is because, how far you are along your pregnancy determines almost everything of your pregnancy, and all because it is the week of pregnancy that determines what all tests, medical examinations like ultrasounds and the most important of all, when is the baby expected to be born. What seems normal in the 20th week may not be that normal in the 22nd week and even tests that have been done on the 20th week which should have been done in the 16th week could give misleading results.

In any given week, the pregnancy week calculator will be able to tell you exactly how many weeks pregnant you have been, details of the development of the baby and what is going inside your body. It works like an ordinary calculator. You just need to feed in some details and it calculates to give you the correct answer. Some of this information is pregnancy due date, last menstrual cycle and so forth. It uses these information, personalize them and give you a progress report of your pregnancy.

As you move on keeping a proper tab of your motherhood pregnancy week by week arriving at the 40th week, your wait for the bay to arrive starts here. He or she can arrive any moment. Keeping track of your pregnancy weekly and being informed on the different stages of pregnancy helps in coping up with it in a more better and enjoyable way. If you know what’s happening and what to expect during each stages of your pregnancy, it would be a great help in getting equipped to face the challenges that comes along at every stage of your pregnancy period.

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