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Posted by FCFTA on December 20th, 2018

The fashion industry is one that is forever changing, as new seasons bring in new trends and drop old ones by the time they’ve peaked. If your passion is down that road, then practice is of key importance to keep up with trends and techniques. And the best way to keep on your toes is to take up courses and apprenticeships that will give you exposure, experience, knowledge, and practice.

Short courses in fashion are definitely a compact and efficient way of keeping up to date with trends while being able to revise techniques. These courses not only help you get a solid grounding in the basics but also take an industry-oriented approach that ensures that you will be able to apply all that you’ve learned conceptually. Most of these courses are tailored into multiple levels in order to cater to both new candidates in the field as well as old hands looking to brush up on their skills. Of course, such academic ventures will be of little use without certification and therefore it is important to verify that any such course you take hold some weight in the industry. The higher the level of the course you complete the more the opportunities that will be available when you’re looking for job or apprenticeship opportunities.

After finishing courses or exiting the world of fashion academia, it will be a challenge to jump into the industry, as is the case in any field. This is where fashion apprenticeships are a great bridging factor. Designed to help you gain industry exposure, you can apply for apprenticeships that you will be qualified for after completing any level of courses. This strategy will make sure that you learn both the concept and application side by side and that you do not feel the gap between theory and practice when you finally move into the industry. These apprenticeships not only bring along with them the promise of mentoring and experience, but they are also usually completed with certificates or diplomas to help increase your laurels.

There are of course certain factors that must be vetted before making your choice of course or apprenticeship. It is prudent to look up the tutor of the course you are considering or the company hosting the apprenticeship to gain some background insight before making your choice. An experienced and qualified tutor or a reputed company will definitely make a difference not only in the weight that the certification will carry on your resume but also in the quality of your experience and learning. The fashion industry is a versatile and adapting one and if this is the course you’ve chosen to run then it’s up to you to keep up, whether it’s through courses, apprenticeships or other means.

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