Brighten Up Your Wedding Ceremony With Cake Sparklers

Posted by Max Alex on December 20th, 2018

We all know that celebration of any kind is incomplete without cutting a cake. Be it birthday parties, weddings, or a party of any other kind. Nowadays, there are different additions that make the cake-cutting ceremony more fun and attractive like the wedding cake sparklers that you may have seen.

There are many types of cakes like birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes etc. Let us try and figure out how the tradition started.

Origin of cakes

The origins of a cake can be traced back to Rome, where weddings ended with the husband smashing a barley bread cake over the bride’s head. This was supposed to symbolize fertility. Sometimes, even the guests used to pick up crumbs and take them home for good luck.

In England, small spiced buns were stacked in a pile. The new bride and the groom were supposed to kiss over it. This symbolized prosperity and a lifetime of happiness together. Back then, the traditions were simpler, whereas now you have fancy candles and even wedding cake sparklers.

When we talk about birthday cakes, it can be traced back to Germany in the Middle Ages. The Germans would celebrate their kids birthdays with cakes and called it the Kinderfest.


There used to be some wedding superstitions that have affected the use of cake in celebrations today. One such superstition was that you had to share your wedding cake with the people who were attending. This would help the couple have a prosperous and fruitful marriage. Some of the other superstitions were that the bride should not make her own wedding cake as it brought bad luck, if a bride tasted her wedding cake before the marriage then she would lose her husband’s love, and more illogical ones like every guest must have a piece of the cake to make sure that the couple would be blessed with kids.

Over time, cakes became more popular than pies. Did you know that you by the middle of the 16th century, there was wide availability of sugar in Britain? This led to the popularity of white icing on the cake. It went on to become a status symbol and a sign of purity. Queen Victoria’s wedding cake continued the tradition, which is why white icing is often referred to as the Royal Icing. For people who prefer the cake-cutting ceremony to be more eventful, there are options like getting the multiple-flavored cake in one cake or going for the wedding cake sparkler.

Now that you know the history of cutting cakes and how it came into what it is today, you will have interesting facts that you could share with your friends or family next time there is a party.

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