Best Practices to Boost Landing Page Conversions Using a Video

Posted by elain martell on December 21st, 2018


When it comes to putting a video on their landing page, marketers only have two options. They either hit the nail right on the head or they do a complete belly flop.

There never seems to be an in between. If you are going to make a video for your landing page, top internet reputation companies feel you need to consider the following.


1. Is my video taking too long to load? If the answer is yes, then you will be doing more harm than good to your landing page. Consider pulling it until you can get a faster server that will support your video.

2. Which section do you plan on placing it? If you put it in the wrong place, people may scroll past it, especially if it is taking forever to load, or they may not scroll far enough to see it. Make sure you AB test your video before going live.

3. Are you missing a key component, like a call-to-action for instance? Make sure you have your video repeating the same message that your other landing pages have. This will ensure that you are going to get that coveted click-through rate you so desperately need.

Reason You Need One

Years ago, having a video on your landing page was a high-end novelty item, but today they are almost required if you want to be taken seriously. Today having a video on your landing page all but guarantees that you will get people to look at your website. By getting them to your website, you give yourself a better chance to convert them to a customer.

In fact, landing pages that have videos increase their odds of conversion by up to 80%. In recent years, customers have suggested that if there was one thing they wanted more of on landing pages, it would have to be more videos.

They did, however, stress that it was very important that the video is done correctly and be of the highest quality possible. The reason for this is simple, people have become increasingly lazy when it comes to reading on the internet. Why would they want to read when they could simply have a video that tells them the exact same thing.

In a recent study, 70% of marketers surveyed believe that the number one way to convert customers is by having a video on their landing page.

What Your Videos Should Do or Have

So, you have made the decision to make a video for your page, here are the things that you need to make sure the video does or says.

  1. Your video should be educational in nature.
  2. Your video should have a clear goal.
  3. Make sure it is above the fold.
  4. Include a strong call-to-action
  5. Keep it short


When it comes to making landing page videos, top internet reputation companies know that you need to make a high-quality video with a clear and concise message.

Don’t waste your money if you can’t be bothered to give your customers the quality they rightfully deserve.

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