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Posted by Maplestory2M on December 21st, 2018

Players and RS gold what seemed like an army of Jagex staffand moving upstairs to a enormous room setup with countless PCs to test out all of the new items which were announced at RuneFest. In a way it felt like a more romantic Blizzconand that I never actually managed to figure out if everybody just knew everybody else thereor when the RuneScape playerbase was just that friendly Either waythe vibe was contagious and

just pushed me deeper down the rabbit hole of falling head over heels for a  yearold .Most relevant to me was an demo area with plenty of devices setup showing the customers for RS and OSRS. Obviouslythese aren't just hanging out in the openratherto play with the mobile versions you needed to make your way across a bridgethrough a marketplace of artisans making things such as plate and chainmail armoracross a faux forestpassed a few steaming lava pitsbefore you came into a snowy mountain that you

could enter. Insidethere were tavern tablesand flickering lanterns setting the scene.So far as playing with the authentic mobile clients are concernedthey work about as well as you hope if you've ever played with a game designed for a computer keyboard and mouse that has been adapted to cellular. The ports of RS and OSRS are fairly extensiveand all the different ingame widgetswidgetsand other functions are all represented by tiny buttons on the screen. Tapping on items is just like left

clicking on the PCwhile holding and tapping buy RS gold brings up the context menu that you would get from a click.It faithful to the experiencewhich I can see as both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because in the event that you're playing in your computer at home you can log in on cellular and be exactly where you

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