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Part 1

Coca-Cola is a company that has embraced advertising on most of the available marketing platforms. The company is known as the world’s leading beverage manufacturer as it supply’s the world with hundreds of brands including soft drinks, and fruit juices. Coca-Cola has been aggressive in digital marketing and has achieved notable successes.  Coca-Cola developed the happy ending machine that required people to give hugs (Singapore) or to do a dance jig (Belgium) before dispensing their drinks.  Coca cola then recorded the people’s actions and uploaded it on YouTube. The YouTube video attracted million of views and subsequent goodwill towards the brand.

 Coca-Cola also introduced the “Share a Coke” campaign on the digital platform.  The campaign encouraged people to order a personalized bottle of coke through a Facebook application.  The campaigns resulted in a 7% increase in sales and over 18 million media impressions.  Traffic on Coke’s Facebook site also increased by 870% and the likes grew by 39% (Coca-Cola Company). The campaign was successful as it helped Coca Cola reach out and connect with its target market. Customer’s acknowledged that Coca-Cola cares for them on a personal level as it delivered personalized drinks as per the customer’s request.

 Apple Inc is a technological company that provides customers with consumer electronics, software, and other digital online services.  Apple Inc has also embraced the digital marketing platform.  The company has used social media to advance products such as its Mac computers. Using the social media helps the company attract and reach out to its young and tech-savvy target audience.  Apple also introduced the Apple Watch series which provides users with advertisements (Apple Inc). For instance, the watch provides users with pop-ups on deals and sales in the nearest stores.  The strategy ensures that the customer is well-informed in the sales and deals available. Apple also has pop-up advertisements for some of its products on its website. The strategy is ideal as it summarizes the company’s latest products that potential customers can consider.  It saves potential customers the task of going through the company’s product list.

 The Ford Motor Company is a multinational automobile company credited for the manufacture and sale of automobiles such as SUVs, Trucks, and Vans. Ford has embraced the digital platform as a marketing strategy.  For instance, Ford began a blog post where they familiarize viewers with the products and services from the company.  The blog post updates and stores previous stories thus allowing new viewers to access new information on the company and its culture (Ford Motor Company).  The blog allows customers to interact with the company by sharing their views, experience, and opinion on the company products.

Part 2


McDonald's is a fast-food restaurant that serves over 60 million customers on a daily basis. The restaurant chain serves its customers with foods such as hamburger, cheeseburgers, French fries, milkshakes, smoothies, fruits, and salads.  McDonald's target market is broad and focuses on parents, children, and business executives. In short, the chain restaurant does not have a specific audience.  It provides its customers with a diversity of foods; foods that are suitable for children and foods suitable for adults.  The restaurant also serves customers in search of a quick meal, and it also serves customers that desire for relaxation (Shimp, & Andrews, 2012).  For instance, people in the corporate world can grab a quick breakfast from the restaurant's broad breakfast menu.  For kids, McDonald's serves as the ideal place for fun and enjoyment due to the cartoon-like atmosphere.

Teenagers and young adults get to enjoy the ambiance and find affordable menu package appealing. McDonald's has embraced a diversity of promotional blends that it uses to advise its products and services. The restaurant uses television advertising to reach out to its target customers. For example, McDonald’s television advertising taps into the viewer’s emotional appeal by emphasizing on family relationships.  The restaurant also uses billboards advertisements, and it is easy to pinpoint them because of the restaurants “m” logo and its bright and attractive colors.  The company also engages in sales promotions where they offer their target customers sales deals upon the purchase of their food packages.

 As technology continues to advance and as the public continues to be engaged and attached to technology, McDonalds must embrace digital media fully as its promotion platform.  McDonalds can use the same message in a blend of promotional platforms and reach out to its target customers.  For instance, social media is awash with different platforms that the restaurants can use to reach its target customers. Today, parents, young adults and corporate are connected via the social media platforms thus the promotional message will reach to them. The target market will be aware of any sales or promotions without moving away from their comfort zones (Shimp, & Andrews, 2012). Moreover, the social media platform allows the viewers to interact with the restaurants thus enhancing communication between the customers and the restaurant.


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