Communication Strategies: An Essay Based on Experience

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Communication is a vital component of any transaction in daily life especially in the case of the different business environments. In the case of the business world, effective communication is central to the daily operations of the business in addition to the fact that it impacts the sales and profits in the business. Communication plays a significant role in any component of the business transaction. It is through this assessment that both the internal as well as external communications are an organization in addition to those conducted with the employees is effective (Bovee, & Courtland, 2012). In the case of good communications in the business, the internal, as well as the external structures, have the likelihood of facing an assortment of challenges that could result in the failure of the business.

In the assessment of the types of communication, it follows that there is an assortment of strategies that can be used in categorizing the different communication styles although the American Management Association asserts that there exist four core types. These include the listener, the creator, the doer as well as the thinker. The listener, in this case, refers to the effective communicator as they are steady, understands that there is more than one way to the realization of the same results and is further willing to listen to the other perspectives (Bovee & Thill, 2012). The creator, on the other hand, is an additional effective communicator as he is considered as being enthusiastic, creative moreover skilled in the art of persuasion. The doer refers to an assertive, verbal, goal oriented as well as a competent individual in problem-solving. The thinker encompasses the assertive, slow in reaction as well as a completive individual.

Overall, the employment of the diverse types of communication is central to the realization of the different benefits that included the development as well as maintenance of effective business relationships. The overall attribute is that relationships are founded and maintained on the positive encounters that have been cultivated with others (Hooker, 2012). Communication is central to this positive as it ensures that it is easy to construct and additionally foster productive relationships properly.

Further, it follows that the effective communication is central to the facilitation of innovation. In that case, when employees are comfortable in communicating new ideas are open; it results in an environment that nurtures cooperation and innovation. Additionally, it follows that if an organizational staff feels they cannon convey their ideas freely due to the limited communication skills, the prevailing attribute is that the ideas will not be implemented to its full potential (Bovee & Thill, 2012).

The additional advantage that is possessed as a result of the effective communication is the fact that it builds on the development of an effective team. On those occasions that open communication is encouraged within a workplace, it results in the realization of a more cohesive as well as effective team. The good communication that is developed within the team results in the enhancement of their morale. Once the employees start feeling that they are involved in the decisions making at the organization, they feel that they are more secure within their roles (Bovee & Thill, 2012). Additionally, the regular internal communication ion an organization additionally results in the realization of improved work ethics especially when the staff has been reminded of their achievements and that they are working towards the realization of a similar objective.

Further, effective communication is essential in the management of employees, in that when managers are effective communicators, they have the capability to inform their staff of their responsibilities as well as what is expected of them. The effective communication skills that are possessed by the management are vital to the provision of constructive feedback to their staff, developing effective relationships as well as comprehension of the personal objectives that the staff should address (Hooker, 2012).

Effective communication in the business world aids in the growth of the respective company as the assertion, in this case, is that the lack good communication in business makes it impossible for a business to operate leading to its demise. In this case, the lack of effective marketing collateral as well as effective communication both internally as well as externally, an organization is going to struggle for its survival. The introduction of effective communication further leads to an increase in the rate of productivity for business, allowing it to avoid the unnecessary delays that could impact the realization of their policies (Hooker, 2012).

There is the additional issue that revolves around the fact that transparency greatly enhances the success of business transactions among the parties. In this case, effective communication when employed on a regular basis both in the case of the internal, as well as external business environments, results in the realization of this important business virtue (Bovee & Thill, 2012). The transparency that is developed through the use of effective communication is central to the development of trust in an organization’s brand, in their services as well as in their internal operations to the issue of trusting the employees in the higher management.

One of the strategies that are vital to the success of communication in a multicultural work environment is in ensuring that one keeps an open mind in the course of the different types of communication. The assertion of the need to maintain an open minded in the course of multicultural communication encompasses the fact that it allows one to be receptive to the different types of ideas and thoughts presented by other people (Hooker, 2012).  A listener who has an open mind in a communication listens to the other party with empathy, ensuring that they understand the other speaker, both emotionally and conceptually, suspending any form of judgment that could hinder the communication. Through the opportunities presented by an open mind in communication, it will be possible to enhance the effectiveness of communication between the parties in the business transaction.

One of the attributes that inhibit effective communication in a multicultural workplace is hostile stereotypes. The assertion in this is that the inaccurate, as well as hostile stereotypes exhibited by people from other places, can pose a significant barrier to communication in a multicultural workplace. The stereotypes encompass the assumptions that people make about other people’s traits (Ulmer, Sellnow & Seeger, 2013). The main challenge posed by stereotypes is that an individual ends up being believed as possessing the attributes that have been ascribed to the group. Prejudicing an individual makes them become defensive which consequently inhibits any likelihood of there being effective communication.


Overall, the assessment of this topic has made it evident that the success of any transactions in the business environment is dependent on the ability of the diverse players to exhibit effective communication skills. It is evident that through effective communication, businesses enjoy from the realization of an essential attribute as trust among the players, development of effective relationships, and growth of the business among others. It is additionally evident that although such elements as having an open minded contribute to the success of communications in multicultural business environments, others as exhibiting stereotypes serves to negate the effective communications.


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