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The advantages of plush toys

Posted by stuffed01 on December 21st, 2018

Compared with other toys, the degree of favor of plush toys is definitely one of the best. Small babies, small to babble, and girls in their twenties, all have a soft spot for plush toys. Why is this happening? Is it a coincidence? I think this is probably the uniqueness of plush toys, unlike other toys.

So, what are the advantages or benefits of plush toys that are different from other toys?

1, A sense of security

Plush toys can actually bring happiness and security to children. Its plush contact is comfortable and is an important part of children's attachment. We often see some children must be wearing plush toys before going to bed at night, or must be covered with a plush blanket to sleep, lost the plush toys, or cover the other cloth quilt will be annoying. We sometimes find that some children like to walk around with their plush toys after their brother or sister is born, even if they are not willing to let go. That's because the plush toy can make up for the lack of safety of the child to a certain extent.

In addition, often contact with plush toys, that kind of soft and warm feeling, psychologists believe that contact comfort can promote the development of children's emotional health.

2, Tactile development

In addition to the sense of security, plush toys can promote the development of children's sense of touch. When the child touches a plush toy or a pillow cushion plush toy(pillow cushion plush toy manufacturer) with his hand, the tiny fluff touches every inch of cells and nerves on the hand, and the soft feeling gives the child a pleasant feeling and also helps the sensitivity of the child's touch.

Because the human body's neural tactile bodies (tactile sensors) are densely distributed in the fingers (the tactile bodies of the children's fingers are the densest, the concentration is reduced with age), the other end of the receptor is connected to the brain, and the current "power on" It helps to improve the brain's perception and response to the outside world. This effect is actually the same as the small baby picking up the small beans, but the plush will be more delicate.

Even so, no matter how good the plush toys are, there is no warmth in the parents.

China stuffed animals manufacturer tips: Plush toys, although helpful for the development of children's emotions, are like the difference between the sea and a scoop of water compared to the safety and emotional nourishment that parents bring to their children. Parents still have time to spend time with their children. If you don't have time, you can consider some plush smart toys that can interact and help your parents to accompany your children, and give them more companionship.

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