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Stuffed animal dressing technique

Posted by stuffed01 on December 21st, 2018

1. Filling cotton detail adjustment method:

The filling is also a common skill in making it difficult to make. The fabric itself cannot be three-dimensional, and only when it is filled with certain materials can it become three-dimensional. Fillers are also varied and are generally granular or cotton-like. The filling is different depending on the actual use of the toy. The overall requirement for filling cotton is that the image is full and soft to the touch. After finishing the cotton, the finished product must reach the required weight, and the insufficient filling or uneven parts are unqualified.

Toys cannot be left in all corners of the toy. The hard-to-fill part can be used to fill the cotton in place with a pick and hand. The filling should not be too much, and the toy cannot be deformed. The size of the filled toy must be the same as the contract, which is the focus of the cotton filling.

2, face and limb type adjustment method:

Le type, Le type is also called needle type for mouth type, hand, foot type and so on. Commonly used type methods are fabric V-shaped needles and U-shaped needles.

V-type needle method: requires the finished needle, the symmetry depth of the depression is consistent, the type is not wrinkled, the line is not loose, and the line is hidden.

U-shaped needle method: the needle should be symmetrical, the depth of the depression is the same, the stitch is not exposed, and the shape is full. Therefore, the needle to be needed should be filled in place before the needle is inserted.

Climbing line, climbing line: requires full shape, uniformity, and uniformity.

Sometimes you can first sew the foot line and then pull the needle through the tail of the stitch after the sewing. Advantages: high efficiency and time-saving. Disadvantages: The effect is not obvious.

Hand needle to make the ball:

Handballs are made by hand. A line is sewn along a stop along the edge of the circular sheet. After the thread is drawn, the sheet material is hemispherical, and the cotton is filled into the hemisphere, and then the needle thread is knotted. In the process of tightening the needle thread, the mouth should be scraped into the ball, and the amount of cotton ingested is as standard as the finished ball surface. There are two commonly used needle methods for handballs: flat seams and seams.

Nail ball: that is, the ball nail is fixed in a certain part of the toy. Requirement: After the ball is fixed in a certain part of the toy, it is required to be stable and not exposed. The stitches and the stitches of the spheres that pass through the toy should be symmetrical.

The hand needle is made into a concave-convex type: the shape of the concave and convex is made in a certain part of the toy by a hand lead. Such as meat, mouth and so on.

3, decorative beautification method:

Nail buttons: In the production of stuffed animals, buttons are usually divided into two types: utility buckles and decorative buckles. The types of buttons generally include two eye buttons, four eye buttons, and a single eye button on the back. After the two-eye button is nailed, it has a "one" shape; after the four-eye button is nailed, the front line has an "X" shape (cross-stitch method) or a "=" shape; the eye-eye buckle does not see the stitch on the front side.


The process of bristles is also the process of inspecting the finished product. The bristles must be clean and thorough, and no bald parts are allowed, especially the parts of the hands and feet. When brushing thin plush, do not use too much force, so that the plush brush is broken. When bristles, it is necessary to cover the easily damaged objects such as the eyes and nose and then bristles. During the bristles, check whether the seams are tight and flat, and there is no way to break holes and loosen the mouth. Whether the knots are checked when the seam is inspected, whether the cotton leaks from the seam affects the aesthetic effect.

Paste: Paste is a technique often used in the process of velvet toys. Nowadays, most of the velvet toys need to be pasted and the performance will be expressed through the embroidered embroidery, which will greatly reduce the labor cost, and the effect of the embroidered embroidery is more beautiful. But some details such as sticky simulation rhinestones, small pearls, and other decorations still need to be carefully decorated.

Nail, nose

1. Check the quality of the nose and mouth and the gasket before assembly. Crystal eyes should be checked for scratches, noses, etc. Eliminate non-conforming products.

2. The positioning of the parts positioning is completed during the piece. Some are done at the time of sewing. After sewing the leather shell, it is mechanically punched through the heart. Either way, the size of the hole is controlled.

3. From the top of the fabric, insert the eyeball into the hole and move it under the eye press. Then press down until the washer snaps into the eye. If it is a cartoon eye, please pay attention, the direction of the eyeball should not be skewed.

4. Eyeballs or other accessories, after installation, should be kept intact, no deformation, no cracks. The gasket should be clamped so that the eyeball does not rotate.

According to these methods, the stuffed animal supplier can produce beautiful and good stuffed animals, such as fruit plush toys(fruit plush toys manufacturer) .

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