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How to distinguish high-quality plush toys?

Posted by stuffed01 on December 21st, 2018

The market for plush toys is dazzling, the prices are mixed, and the quality is good or bad. But for children, the play is not the first consideration, and safety is the most important. How should parents identify the pros and cons of plush toys? Today, Kaida plush toy manufacturer teaches you four tricks to identify the quality of plush toys.

The first trick: look at the appearance of work is fine, whether the shape is beautiful and lovely. Generally, large manufacturers will make great efforts in the design of plush toys, and small factory workshops will only imitate other people's shapes, often use poor materials, and the quality of work is rough, the plush toys made are terrible, very Unsightly. Therefore, when choosing a plush toy, you can't just look at the size and price. You will find in the toy wholesale market that there will be dozens of stuffed dogs(stuffed dogs manufacturer) in the same store, which are also 30CM, and the price ranges from 10 yuan to 50 yuan. You will find that the more beautiful you think, the more expensive the price. Because you use better materials, handle more details, and do more workmanship, you need to invest more manpower and resources.

The second measure: whether the feel is good, how to choose the material. Good plush toys use super soft fabrics outside, the texture is firm, the surface velvet is dense, the texture of the velvet is not visible, the hand feel is very soft and comfortable, and it can be put on the face to feel a soft feeling. And using cheap short-wool fabrics, the facial velvet is sparse, you can see the flannel, feel the harder put on the face and feel a bit tired.

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