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Amazon Web Services run on the cloud offering various services for businesses– is held by Amazon; the online behemoth in the e-commerce industry. As companies move into a digital age, deploying products on the cloud is necessary, which are highly available and easily accessible. AWS started rolling certifications in domains to validate the expertise in planning, using and maintaining its services which other companies look up in their employees.

To begin one’s career, you can start with preparing for Amazon Web Services Solution Architect exam with AWS certification training.

AWS Solutions Architect Training:

AWS Solution Architects are professionals who design and develop scalable distributed applications & systems. AWS Solutions Architect training is recommended for beginners and professionals seeking an entry-level certification as it can be achieved without being a certified Cloud Practitioner as the cloud fundamentals are a necessary to understand.

Also, to become an expert, it is necessary to crack the exam, reading FAQs and documentation along with hands-on practice on the applications being designed or deployed. So, you must consider AWS online training or a classroom course to be a solution architect.

Training is recommended as only knowing the documentation and basics are not enough. AWS Solutions Architect Certification exams pose questions that require practical experience and understanding of the services being offered and implemented. Through training, you will learn the best practices to follow apart from the knowledge gathered from white papers and apply them successfully with the help of trainers. As trainers are experienced and certified, they always act as a resource tree and help you eliminate waste of time for the general troubleshooting or hiccups in implementing services.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate training at AADS Education:

AADS Education’s AWS certified Solutions Architect Associate training is designed and developed for beginners and professionals who want to start a career in cloud computing domain or getting started with a career in AWS. During the training, you will learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing, basic networking concepts, AWS applications and services which help you implement highly available and scalable architectures.

The course focuses on implementing solutions that relate to real-time scenarios including designing frameworks that are the backbone of services offered in an organization.

What to expect in the AWS Certification exam?

Since AWS signs an NDA about not disclosing the exam details, not a lot of information is available. However, through sample questions and practice exams made accessible on the AWS pages by experts who are already certified, you will get an overview of how the exam might be like.

For example, you will be asked a question about the effective use of Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling feature. For beginners who don’t know: EC2 Auto Scaling ensures the provision of a sufficient number of instances to run an application on various loads. Now back to the question, as you can specify minimum and a maximum number of instances in the Auto Scaling group, defining an effective scaling policy that can auto-launch or terminate depending on your application demand proves that you are an expert in designing policies using Auto Scaling.

One can expect to find questions related to segmenting active groups or defining minimal and efficient launch configurations or highly available scaling plans based on the needs of an application as well as the organization.

The exam pattern contains 60 questions to be finished within an 80-minutes time frame spread across four individual sections, with a passing score being 75%. So, you need to be versatile in designing and developing applications as well as have enough hands-on practice to clear the exam and earn AWS certification.


You can begin your career in Amazon Web Services with AWS Solutions Architect Training. Just learning and self-practicing on the applications is not sufficient for the exam as it is more focused on using best practices that organizations already follow. So, consider for training courses which will help you clear exam by teaching you on best practices that can be employed.

Author: Ayush Chawla

Ayush is a software engineer and the owner of this blog.

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