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Posted by rohny01 on December 22nd, 2018

Baldness is a becoming a major issue of concern for everyone these days. The major reason for this is hair loss. A large number of men and women are facing this problem severely. But there are some other reasons as well that can cause baldness. These reasons may be inherited genetically. It is observed mostly in males. Not only aged people but today even young ones are also facing this problem. If you are also one of the victims of baldness, then you do not have to worry about it.

Hair Transplant is now becoming more and more popular these days, this is because people who are suffering from baldness are of all ages. They are not only aged one but also the young ones too. So, it is becoming a major issue of concern because if young ones lose their hair in their teen or tween ages, then it would become very difficult for them to recover their hair and maintain an honorable reputation in the society.

Cosmo Derma Hair Transplant Clinic provides different services depending upon the nature of the disease. There are mainly three techniques that are being used by us. These are:

PRP Hair Transplant Technique

Fue Hair Transplant Technique

FUT Strip Hair Transplant Technique

Let’s have a brief introduction to some of these techniques.

So here go!

FUT Strip Transplantation:

The Follicular unit Transplantation technique is the most commonly used technique nowadays. In this process, the hair is transplanted naturally using follicular units. FUT strip method makes the hair grow naturally after the treatment. Some of the objectives of this technique are:

Maximizing Hair Growth

Reducing Scalp Trauma

Ensure Natural Hair Growth

PRP Hair Loss Therapy:

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma that is a technique used in the hair loss therapy. Plasma is actually very much helpful in the healthy growth of hair because it contains a good amount of white blood cell and platelets that are essential for the body to maintain the growth. The plasma that is rich in platelets is injected in the scalp directly for an effective result.

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the best doctors in Lahore to cure baldness. He has 18-years’ experience in the hair transplant therapies. His priority is to satisfy his clients with his skills and services. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry offers the best Hair Transplant services in Pakistan, so if you are willing to transplant your hair, he is the best option!

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