How Company Culture Affects Employee Engagement

Posted by octanner on December 24th, 2018

Employee engagement and company culture go hand in hand. If employees feel that their workplace’s culture is supportive and cultivates a positive working environment, they will be more engaged with their workplace and with their role. If they feel that their workplace’s culture is negative and not supportive, they will not be as engaged with their role or workplace. In summary, a company’s culture impacts an employee’s engagement, and an employee’s engagement impacts a company’s culture. These two elements are closely tied to one another. This is why it is important that your business develop strategies that improve engagement and culture. By doing this, you can ensure that your workforce is equipped to contribute to company goals and objectives.

In some organizations, business leaders don’t want to take the time or resources to develop a strong company culture. They feel that doing so would be a waste of time and money. This could end up hurting these business leaders. Without a culture that supports employee engagement, a business leaves itself susceptible to decreased employee loyalty and retention. They are also in danger of suffering through the impacts of decreased employee motivation. This could impact a business’s bottom line.

By creating a culture that supports employee engagement, a business cultivates increased employee loyalty and retention, which in turn increases workforce productivity. This can help make a business more competitive in its market.

There are many ways that a business can go about developing a strong, performance-oriented company culture. By spending some time to think about what type of culture best fits your organization, you can ensure that you’re implementing cultural strategies that are highly impactful. To help you along the way, we’ve listed some tips that many businesses have utilized in the creation of their organizational culture.

  • Make sure your workplace culture is clearly defined:One fundamental aspect of creating a strong company culture is clearly defining it so that everyone can understand it. Your company culture is the backbone of your organization. In addition to its mission and vision statements, your company’s culture highlights its core values and the expectations of employees. Make sure everyone in your organization understands what your culture includes and excludes. You can help your employees understand organizational culture though presentations, handbooks or and intranet site. Make sure it is always available for employees to reference at their convenience.
  • Offer opportunities for employees to submit their feedback: Surveys let employees express their thoughts and feelings on your workplace culture. It also allows business leaders to determine where any weak spots are in a company culture. Make sure your employees have a say in the direction of your culture. It’ll go a long way toward increasing employee engagement.

A strong, performance-oriented company cultureincreases employee engagement and makes your employees feel like they are a part of an organization that is more than the products or services it offers. As a result, company culturecontributes to a company’s success in their market. By developing a strong culture, you will better equip your business for longevity.

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