Contemporary Tower Clocks Offer Huge Range Of Advantages To Cities And Instituti

Posted by Chomko LA on December 24th, 2018

Tall towers are pride of cityscapes, and they become important landmarks when you install clocks on their fascia. These clocks are intricate mechanisms and patronized by kings and elite of in the past as they served as a beautification of the cities. Modern day tower clock is totally different from the past era as they have been given latest digital technology and add more special features than before. Now it is possible for you to install tower clocks for your high rise buildings and turrets in the most specified manner.

Advantages of having modern clock towers

  • A tower being a taller structure than the rest is the perfect place to install the clock as it will be visible to larger areas and directions.  
  • If it is installed in an institution like college and universities, or an industry or big office establishments it will be more useful as a time keeper. It will remind the students, faculty, employees and passerby with accurate time and keep schedules in time.
  • A digital clock tower is a more useful than the conventional because they are maintenance free. First of all you don’t need to synchronize them every day as they are able to get accurate zonal timings from satellites and time networks. They also adjust to seasonal time changes and produce correct timings to the viewers.
  • Contemporary clock towers can be fabricated according to personal/institutional requirements and can be made with great color, design and display combinations. Manufacturers are able to produce large size clocks that have up to 72-inches of dials. Being digital the dial face can light up during nights to be visible to the night traffic.
  • For clocks that are hoisted in taller buildings and towers access may be a great problem. But it is nonchalantly taken care by the contemporary clocks as they self update time and need no human assistance or mains power to operate. Solar powered clocks are designed to take care of this need and they can work without the need of any auxiliary power source for long years.
  • Lastly it is prestigious for an institution or a city to have these towers as they stand tall and majestic while serving the community by providing the right time all the time.
  • The Rotary Clock design is the most appropriate for towers and they can be easily obtained from manufactures that operate online. Given the specification they will be able to fabricate and install them at your premises without difficulty. Only check what technology or make they use while buying them. 

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