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Posted by preform nicole on December 25th, 2018

Extrusion blow molding is a method for making plastic articles such as plastic bottles. The molten resin is poured into a Pet Preform Mould and formed into a predetermined shape. The shape of the item is determined by the shape of the mold. The solid shape is formed when the extrusion is cooled. This is a complex process that usually requires a professional extrusion blow molding service.

How does plastic extrusion work?

The plastic extrusion process involves adding the resin to the top mounted hopper. The resin moves along the track until it reaches the extruder barrel. When the resin is close to the barrel, the rotating screw presses the resin into the barrel. The barrel is heated so that it melts the incoming resin. The heating curve sets the controlled heating zone to gradually increase the temperature inside the barrel. These areas allow the plastic resin to gradually melt as it passes through the barrel.

Before the resin leaves, it is pushed through a screen to remove contaminants. At this point, the resin enters the mold and forms its final shape. The hot plastic must flow evenly into the mold, otherwise a deformed product will be produced. If the resin is subjected to unnecessary stress anywhere in the process, the product will warp when cooled. The final step involves cooling the product by pulling the extruder through a water bath.

Consider consulting for your product

The extrusion process is complex and requires precision. If you need an extrusion blow molding service, it is important to contact a professional. Jilian Plastics in Taizhou Huangyan is an expert in this field. We are experienced and reassuring Pet Preform Manufacturers

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