Portability in View of Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Posted by kamal on December 25th, 2018

Whether it is a small area of a carpet, or you are looking at a big commercial rug, there is a wide range of carpet cleaning equipment you can benefit from. Whether you need a spotter machine, which deals with small areas, or you need one that has a capacity to accommodate a number of cleaning gallons, there is always one to tackle that job.


One of the most important items when looking at carpet cleaning equipment is portability. This is the main keyword when looking at the best equipment to buy. In this industry, the word portable often comes with different interpretations. Some believe that portable extractors are those which can be picked with one hand and moved from place to place.

For others, however, more so professional carpet cleaning companies, portable often means mounting the unit to a vehicle; then having it move to different sites for use. If you are looking at small jobs that only require spotters, the machine is very easy to carry in your car’s truck. On the other hand, some carpet cleaning equipment requires to be mounted on trucks, which use truck-mounted equipment to be portable.

Commercial and Residential Equipment Both Portable

For home users, portable equipment for cleaning carpets may include steam cleaners that come with built-in extractors. This helps to clean the rug and remove the liquids all at the same time. It becomes easier for the home user who may not have a lot of resources to invest on the two different equipment: for cleaning and extracting respectively.

This is the same concept when it comes to commercial applications. They also require similar equipment for efficiency of their work. The equipment are however, designed to last longer and for more frequent usage. Some uses will often call for larger equipment that are usually on wheels. Others come with ability to be self-propelled. The equipment is often transported in a truck, offloaded at the site of use, making them part of portable carpet cleaning equipment.

That aside, portability is a highly subjective term, since smaller units can also be used to clean spots on commercial carpets, while the larger units cleansing the entire carpet. If you are a home user, you could be interested in equipment that is portable and can also be kept in the closet, like most of the upholstery cleaning equipment. You may also want to look at other products in the industry such as blowers, which help in drying the carpet. Bucket heaters are equally useful in keeping liquids used for steam cleaners in hot state during cleaning.

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