How are glass Bongs Made?

Posted by Anmol Singh on December 25th, 2018

In today's world More and more, smokers are beginning to take an interest as to the origins of their pieces. There’s nothing more mesmerizing than seeing a master glassblower create a beautiful, big bong out of a series of small glass tubes. The artistry and skill required are simply undeniable.


It takes both skill and the right set of materials to make a glass bong. Most often these pieces are made in professional glassblowing studios by experienced hands. The range of bong designs varies from the simplest straight tube bong to the most artistic, percolator-included beaker bong and as such making a water pipe can be extremely complex.


Fundamentally the practices of glassblowing remain consistent across the board regardless of the bong design. Understanding the basics of how a glass bong is made can give you a good idea of how even the most complicated designs come about.


Using a large, industrial torch and a stone block, glassmakers generally start making their pieces by focusing on the bulbous base. The glassmaker begins by taking a straight glass tube and heating it up until it balloons in the center to form a big, hollow bubble. This is removed from the flame and then, using glassblowing techniques and holding either end of the glass tube, inflated to a larger size. Consistency is crucial when it comes to making bongs, so some glassblowers will use a set of rollers to evenly rotate the piece and ensure that the body of the piece sits correctly and the base stays even as it becomes rounded and blown out.


Next up comes the creation of the tubing. This is the point where style is really taken into consideration; any design elements in the neck/body—notches, swirls, whatever—are put in at this point. The form can be twisted and thinned out as needed to create tubes that stray from the standard designs. To make the figure, glassmakers will oftentimes use a separate piece of glass, either a new tube or a piece pulled from the glass that was used to make the base. The latter is common because it’s easy to ensure consistent size between the opening of the base and that of the neck once they’re inevitably rejoined at the end of the bong-making process.


Internal percolators, filters inside the bong, can also be made from the same piece of glass as the body. This helps to keep the percolator a similar size to the tube that it will eventually be placed in and lessens the need for sizing guesswork. This is the part where some glassblowers really showcase their skills, creating intricate internal structures for the smoke to filter and cool through. These percolators are put inside the body and/or neck and then the glass is welded to it using a torch. Any extra glass is pulled off in order to ensure that the product is smooth and even once it’s all put together.


The neck is then reattached to the base if necessary by using a spinning machine (known as a lathe) that keeps the glass pieces steady and even as they are heated and joined. In order to make the bottom of the bong flat, some glassblowers use a lapping wheel, which rotates a water-lubricated abrasive wheel (often coated with diamonds) that flattens the glass.


Let’s admit it, when we get into the groove of smoking we all think of a better way to increase the experience of the Herb.


Now, Bongs plays a very important role here as A Bong Rip is definitely much better than that of joint, basically the smoke in bong passes through the water before you hit it which makes it go easy on your lungs and gets you a bigger hit. But bongs can be difficult to handle especially for beginners as too much smoke needs to be inhaled in one go.


Bongs are also difficult to move and are very less flexible compared to rolling papers until and unless it's a mini pocket bong which is also difficult to hide.


So where discretion is required the bongs don’t go in handy. But if you are home alone and your bae is out of town and you need someone to have a perfect time to chill and relax Bongs will never disappoint you!


You take a hit, You grab some munchies, You make love with it, Bong will do anything to make your night perfect! *Winks*


And You obviously Know the perfect spot to Shop bongs online Right?

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