Bicycle rack installations are essential to make great bike parking

Posted by kingsbicycleparking on December 25th, 2018

Installing low-quality bike parking can often worse than installing nothing at all! Bicycle parking racks installed in appropriate place makes the bicyclists feel welcoming. It is also easy and inexpensive for any business owner or landlords. Cities have developed bike paths, cycle tracks, and green lanes to ride; hence a place for bike parking is essential.

Bicycle parking should be located in an easily accessible area that is bright, secure and preferably sheltered area. It should be positioned near to the building entrance(s) as possible, or nearest as the car parking area. The bike parking if done with a proper plan can enhance the space, make bikers feel welcomed, and also encourage more people to ride.

The commercial bike racks are not wrong but the investments in underused bike parking or placed in a wrong place might be the reason for its failures. Further Bike parking that is out of the way is often gets ignored.  Hence should be placed or installed at the right place for the flexibility of bikers. City center and businesses are the observable places for bike racks installation. Appropriate rules and superior planning facilitate municipalities and organizations decide the places where the bikes get parked. Watching how people interact with places, let them know where commercial bike racks function best.

Lamppost, fence or tree counts as bike parking place where there are no bike racks. Bikes locked up in random places are awkward and cumbersome to other street users and the placement is often illegal. Just as drivers, a cyclist also desires to have the most convenient parking places to keep their bikes. Installing commercial bicycle parking racks next to or near the commercial area for bicycling customers or employees makes you ahead of such a problem.  This will surely make your customers and employees happier. Going a step ahead of making the customized commercial bike rack caught the public’s attention in a way. Installing it in bike-friendly places surely encourages more people to ride.


Every bike should rest firmly with bicycle parking racks.  The frame and front wheel, that can twist, need to rest fully supported against the bike rack and be able to lock to the bike rack with the different shape of bicycle parking racks. This provides better security and stability to your bikes. Commercial bike racks designed to best-fit sidewalks, streetscapes, inside or outside of buildings. U shape, horizontal, vertical, stacked, and custom options are designed to meet various needs and space for installation and also supports the long-term bike parking for additional security.

This article is written by Kings Bicycle Parking- a reputed bike rack manufacturer in Australia providing well designed and delicately finished yet durable commercial bike racks that meet with Australian manufacturing standards at all times.

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