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Posted by Arslan on December 26th, 2018

Apart from the food industry, retail ready trays are widely used in cosmetics and personal care products, the demand for which is burgeoning around the world. Various types of industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and printing & stationery are utilizing retail ready trays extensively. With increasing applications of retail ready trays in a wide range of industries, the Global Retail Ready Trays Market is expected to witness an impressive growth.

Retail ready trays are gaining rapid popularity as a go-to for all the retail needs and is being actively accepted across small and large retail stores. Retail ready trays are evolving as ideal platforms for displaying tapered cups and cans. With multi-shaped holes ensuring perfect production presentation, retail ready trays are gaining steady popularity for fostering perfect shelf appearance. Manufacturers of retail ready trays are vying to provide ideal product spacing and efficient designs to enhance the aesthetics of products on-shelf. The trend toward retail ready packaging and shelf ready packaging is also creating favorable circumstances for adoption of retail ready trays.

Retail ready trays provide enough scope for the customers to explore the product represented on the front panel. Moreover, retail ready trays are also gaining traction as a marketing tool as it also displays the logo of the product clearly while marketing the product. Bright colors and unique representations are gaining prominence in the development of retail ready trays to attract customers’ attention. In case the customers don’t wish to purchase it, they can easily place it back on the shelf without disturbing the composure and shelf-life of other products. This, is turn, is pushing the popularity of retail ready trays as key inclusions across multiple retail stores, irrespective of size.

The growing globalization and urbanization has induced significant cultural changes in the lifestyle across the globe. Fast and busy lifestyle is creating the need for convenience and comfort in performing various tasks in the day-to-day life. Retail ready trays are a type of packaging trays that are directly taken from transportation to the retail outlets, which include pallets, crates, trays, etc. Retail ready packaging refers to ready-made packaging merchandised units that are comfortable to classify, easy to open, and can be put easily onto the shelf and then disposed of enabling optimization of shelf replenishment and increased visibility.

As the name suggests, retail ready trays are mainly utilized in retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and the food industry to meet the consumer demand for packaged food commodities, owing to the convenience they offer in keeping the items systematically. The unprecedented expansion of the middle-class population and evolving lifestyle, as well as growing number of retailers across the world, are mainly promoting the demand for retail ready trays. The retail ready trays for display for rigid containers work both as a shipper and retail ready packaging. Widely accepted at retailers, large and small, these trays are perfect for tapered cups and cans.

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The increasing preference of grocery stores and club stores due to considerable discounts is the prominent driver for the growth of the retail ready trays market globally. In broader-spectrum, executing retail ready packaging encounters exorbitant supply chain prices for suppliers, whereas retailers gain profits from store labor efficiencies and savings. To maximize the success of implementation, retail ready trays and other packaging should be approached as a company initiative, supported by the top management, both at manufacturer and retailer level. The commercial reality for most retail ready trays manufacturers that node migrations and changes in trays sizes are slowing down even as capital expenditures are increasing.

A large number of grocery retailers have witnessed a considerable increase in the sale within the past few years. As the cities have extended towards rural areas, supermarkets and convenience stores have been increasing in the newly developed urban areas due to increasing competition between the two channels. Moreover, the consumers have a preference for high-quality food & beverage and that stimulated grocery retailers to multiply their private labels along with high-quality products, focusing on competitive rate compared to premium merchandises and well-maintained transportation and retail display. Thus, the demand for retail ready trays has nearly doubled the market over the last year, kicked by rapid growth in emerging markets, which is fueling an ever-increasing demand for raw materials and formulating a growing mismatch between demand and supply. The retail ready tray market is observing an increase due to increasing awareness amongst the consumers regarding the market along with outstanding performance and appearance features induced in the products by the manufacturers. However, growing commodity rates, strengthening supply markets and ongoing business constraints are making it challenging for consumer goods companies to sustain margins.

The key applications comprise of alcoholic beverages, dairy products, fruits & vegetables, pet food, baby food, poultry & seafood, meat, electronics, non-alcoholic beverages, health & beauty products and household products. Concerning end users, the retail ready trays market can be classified into food & beverages, cosmetics & personal care, pharmaceuticals, printing & stationery, electrical & electronics and other end-use industries. Among these, the food & beverages segment is expected to dominate the global retail ready trays market throughout the forecast period.

The regional demand for retail ready trays varies across the globe; however, North America has adopted retail ready trays and other packing lately and therefore, the region is expected to show considerable growth in the forthcoming years. The primary concern in the food & beverage industry of the U.S. is growing competition among food producers and grocery retailers.

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