Elenasmodels.com review : is it still in favour?

Posted by ChrisDPage on December 26th, 2018


General info and pricing

Elenasmodels.com is a famous (or is it better to say infamous?) international dating site that serves singles for decades. Their services aren’t free: they offer Gold and Platinum membership that cost you 129$ and 259$ for 3 months respectively. There are many good and bad things said about it but it remains in the Top-list of Russian dating sites no matter what. Let’s try to analyze together whether it really has some formula of success or hidden secrets.

The anti-scam control

Ok, now there is a legend that only PPL (pay-per-letter) sites contain the scam. The agencies are motivated to send as many letters to a man as possible, to get the maximum profit. It leads to a big quantity of fake profiles of gorgeous females. But judging from the reviews of Elenasmodels male users, and users of other membership-based sites, this variant isn’t any better. “Beautiful” bots are welcoming you with affectionate introduction letters and messages encouraging you to pay for the membership, but once you do this, they quickly disappear. Elenasmodels.com does that very often and the big quantity of complaints even made the owner change the domain.

On another hand, Elenasmodels doesn’t let other scammers take an advantage of you. It’s the privilege of the site administration only. They check all the girls, their identities and correspondence, and react very quickly on every complaint from the men’s side. The scammers’ profiles are deleted without hesitation. The only thing they don’t really check is how recent the girl’s photos are. Very often, women use the photos taken 5 or 10 years ago.

Elena’s Blog

One of the special features of the site is Elena’s blog. Here is the story, the owner of the site is Elena Petrova, a Russian woman who married an American many years ago. She founded the site and definitely did everything to make it both profitable for her and efficient for singles worldwide. Her blog is a very smart way to advertise the site even more and attract curious men with the bright and provoking content. The most frequent topic is criticizing other dating sites and “revealing” their secrets, although this site has its skeletons in the closet as well. However, the blog isn’t just an advertising trick and bla-bla-blog. Elena Petrova seriously calls herself a “dating coach” and Master of NLP. So it’s obviously her another business and she tries to attract the potential clients.

Success stories

There are lots of success stories from Elenasmodels users. Let’s be fair: such success stories prevail over the complaints so they are worthy of consideration. But if to talk about the portraits of happy couples, it’s simply striking how unattractive the men are in comparison with Russian beauties. Are those ladies too desperate to move abroad or find a lifelong sponsor? Let’s hope the majority of them are sincere in their feelings. In this case, Elenasmodels.com is truly Klondike of gorgeous model-looking hotties totally available for average men. Dreams come true!

Why are the responses so different?

There is always a big noise around Elenasmodels, but its efficiency doesn’t allow the things turn totally negative.

1. It’s already known that poor or greedy people are never happy. It’s depressing for them to spend even a single dollar. It’s not a free dating site and the owner seems to use a few extra tricks to enrich her dynasty, but in general, all is comparatively transparent and honest.

2. Coming back to the complaints about the scam, we should recall what the word “scam” means. Historically, a scammer is someone who plays with other people’s feelings just to get the money for them and hides his real identity. All girls’ identities are checked and verified here. As to their intentions, it’s always better to test them, for example to videochat often, to tell you’re going through hard financial times at the moment and watch their reaction, etc. But if a girl dedicates a lot of qualitative time to your communication and expects some help from you, it can happen due to her mentality.

Russian women are raised in a classical, non-feminist way. Psychologically, they see a man as a provider and search for a man keeping this in mind. Of course, the times have changed and there are independent business women among Russians too, but the salaries of the others remain ridiculously small. If you take into account all these factors, you will be better prepared for such situations when she relies on you and your support.

3. It’s true that Elenasmodels owners care more about their profit and after about rich clients’ comfort, but simple girls’ happiness isn’t among their priorities for sure. You have to know that many beautiful, well-educated, English-speaking ladies simply cannot reach you as their profiles stay unregistered for months. The site is interested more in girls from local agencies as it’s more convenient and profitable for the business. So if you want to meet genuine women who desperately want to find a man as soon as possible, and for all the right reasons, you should better go to free sites like Mamba.ru. It saves your budget and nerves too excluding the necessity to speak some Russian and compete with the local men registered there. 

4. Think positively. Good changes come to thankful people’s life. Men who describe their happiness with Russian girls found on Elenasmodels,say nothing about the money they wasted. Even though they wasted it for sure making so many attempts to establish a promising romantic communication. They mind only good results and either prepare to the wedding or travel the world together with their chosen one. There are too many things to criticize in our daily life: in a transport, on the street, at work. Staying concentrated on good things is an art. Perform this art and don’t let your negative thoughts spoil your love life. Elenasmodels.com is just one of many effective ways to meet your very special one.

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