How to Use Composite to Build a Deck That is Environmentally Friendly

Posted by newwaveflooring on December 26th, 2018

You can actually build environmentally friendly composite decking in Perth if you use the right materials. The decking is made from recycled wood shavings and plastics. By mixing these waste products into a building material that’s unique, composites are really excellent for the environment. They decrease the number of materials entering landfills while simultaneously offering a building product that demands very low maintenance.

The sub-structure

Using composites to construct a deck isn’t that different from using wood. Ensure that you utilize dry, straight wood for the deck’s sub-structure. You might use either treated or even untreated wood. Composites have to be supported every 16 inches or even less. Conversely, wood could very well span a space of 24 inches. Make sure that you check with your local building department whether or not there are any building codes that you must ensure that you meet.

The surface material

After the sub-structure has been constructed, it’s the time to install your surface material. Unlike wood, humidity does not affect composites. But the decking will greatly contract and expand with changes in temperature. When installing your decking, it’s recommended that you should utilize hidden fasteners. These hidden fasteners appear a lot better than screws and some among them are even capable of withstanding the expansion and contraction that can occur with any decking or synthetic turf in Perth.

Deck screws, even those that are particularly made for composite decking, could work their way up and out with time as the decking continues to contract and expand. And with deck screws, your decking is at risk of potentially splitting at its ends even when it was pre-drilled. Hidden fasteners are the only solution that helps you to effectively avoid these issues.

Hidden deck fasteners

Hidden deck fasteners can certainly be installed quite easily. Just get the fasteners attached to the bottom of your deck boards. You then place the decking into place and then go on to attach the fasteners to the deck’s joists. You do not have any need to utilize special tools or even any grooved decking. No sledgehammers or biscuit-jointers are even required when using these amazing fasteners. The whole installation can be carried out from above your deck. Furthermore, the amazing hidden deck fasteners will contract and expand with changes in temperature thus remaining in place as they can’t get loose enough to come out.

By utilizing invisible deck fasteners that are meant for these types of decking, you can actually have a truly clean deck surface that’s not marred by any nails or screws. Hidden deck fasteners which are specially produced for these types of decking don’t even cost much more than conventional screws cost. There aren’t any specialized tools that are necessary and there’s no needed pre-drilling when it comes to using these amazing screws for your composite decking Perth. And, you do not get any penetrations to either the tops or sides of your decking. Deck fasteners enable you to get a truly beautiful deck that’s truly excellent and friendly to the environment.

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