Big Island: Things you Can Do and Enjoy During your Vacation

Posted by BestofHawaii on December 26th, 2018

Big Island is one of the most amazing islands on Earth. Born as an island of fire and ice both, where land met the sea, Big Island is where one of the most epic battles was fought. This island is home to two of the greatest mountains, one of the great active volcano, 11 out of 13 world’s climate zone and the wettest city in the American continent. Big Island of Hawaii is an island that you might find nowhere on our planet. It is an island of proportions that the other islands in the main Hawaiian chain might fit inside it two times.

Big Island is named so, to differentiate it from the other islands on the Hawaiian island chain. A big island is a place not to be missed, so in order to help you make your Hawaiian dream become a reality, you should know what to do when you reach the place. Here is a list of things you should do when you are in Big Island:

Things to do in Big Island

We understand that the amount of time and effort it takes to plan to go somewhere like Big Island and therefore, here is a list of handpicked things from Big Island tours for you so you can choose from the list and plan accordingly. Volcano excursions, helicopter tours in Hawaii, horseback riding in Waipio Valley, ziplining, stargazing adventures over Mauna Kea are some of the many tours that are available for visitors on the Big Island.

Mentioned below are the recommendations for the best things to do in Big Island:

Helicopter Tours

Big Island is a land of remarkable flora and fauna. The striking contrasts that are evident on this island may not be found anywhere on our planet and therefore Big Island helicopter tours are prevalent on this island. In fact, getting a helicopter ride is the best way to see it all from above. You will get a bird’s eye view of the active volcano and watch the lava put a show just for you. Lurk over the lush rainforests and witness the breathtaking waterfalls. The view from the above is just unique and not to be missed.

Hedge hiking

Big Island is an ideal place for hikers. A hundred miles of trails crossing through varied climate zones and landscapes is what you can check out from your bucket list. Simply hike or leisurely stroll across the historic sites the island has to offer.


Hawaiian volcanoes are a national treasure, and the key to this treasure can be found at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Visit Big Island and explore the lava tube, steam vents, hike the crater rim and visit the sulphur banks. Hawaiian history shows you its different side when you explore the petroglyphs and footprints of Hawaiian warriors.

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