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Posted by Digital Marketeer on December 26th, 2018

In recent days, shipping container architecture or in short 'cargotecture' is quite popular in the world of architecture, and that is for some good reasons. There is no denying that shipping containers come with endless opportunities as you can customise these containers as per your requirements. You can modify them for any specialised project, workshop, switch room or storing refrigerated or dangerous goods.

There are several advantages of using a shipping container. Its structural integrity ensures its strength and integrity. Moreover, these containers are easily available for sale throughout the country. It is much easier to design these containers, and the architects do not need extensive hours to design and modify them.

However, before buying a shipping container or initiating to modify one, consider these factors.

New vs. Used Containers

There is no standardised categorisation or labelling followed for Shipping Container Kitchen Sydney. Many containers are manufactured overseas and then shipped here once their lives at sea are over. Hence, not every 'new' container is necessarily new.

New containers may have been shipped for minimum one trip to reduce shipping costs. These containers are usually known as 'single trip container' or 'one-way trippers'. You will find these shipping containers in pristine condition without any scratches or scuffs.

On the other hand, most used shipping containers are aged between 10 to 15 years. If you plan on modifying or converting a used container, you may have to compromise with a little bit of rust, especially when you are picking it at a lower price.

Structural Integrity

If you want to get the Shipping Container Design Melbourne in good working condition, you must check its structural integrity. Depending on the shipping container sizes, you need to ensure whether the 'cargotecture' is protected from various natural elements. It should be water tight. Check the door hinges and the door locking bar handles. If you are investing on a used shipping container, you should check the presence of rust. Even if you find a little bit of rust, make sure that it is merely cosmetic and will not have any negative impact on the structural integrity of the container.

If you want to use the Rental Kitchen Melbourne container for one or two decades more, take the initiative to do some minor maintenance work such as rust removal and applying a waterproof paint.

Modification Options

Once you are done with ensuring the structural integrity and basic designing requirements, you can think about the container modifications. If you intend to use it for commercial accommodation or office space, some regular modifications like adding floors, working doors, foundations, windows and easements are essential.

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