Dry Cleaning Could be Expensive, but Worth the Price

Posted by Nabin Shaw on December 26th, 2018

The use of dry cleaning services is quite common these days. A lot of people see the value of asking someone else to clean their clothes for a price so that they can do other meaningful things during the weekends or holidays. Sometimes, washing clothes can take hours between washing and drying. Once they are dry, you need to collect and fold them. Even with the help of a washing machine, it could still take hours to get the job done.

The good thing is, with the help of dry-cleaning companies, you can let them come over and collect the clothes. They will clean the clothes for you and return them once they are ready. The clothes will come back in perfect condition. Some companies offer delivery services. You don't need to go to them to drop the dirty laundry off. They will come to your place to pick them up, and they will do the same when it is time to deliver clean clothes.

Why is it expensive?

Compared with regular washing services, dry cleaning can be more expensive. The price depends on the fabric used in the clothes and the size. The dry-cleaning company usually counts the clothes you drop off along with their description to ensure that they don't lose anything when they return the clothes to you.

The first reason why it is expensive is that it uses a special cleaning agent that not only removes stains and dirt but prevents bacteria. Sometimes, you feel like your clothes are already clean, but they have tons of bacteria that you don't see. The cleaning agents used for dry cleaning will help do the job.

Another reason is that dry cleaning also prevents wrinkling and shrinking. Sometimes, it is frustrating to see the changes in your clothes after spinning them in a washing machine and drying them in a dryer. With dry cleaning, you have the guarantee that the clothes will come back in perfect condition.

Some clothes are sensitive

Dry cleaning works best for fabrics that are quite sensitive. When you don’t correctly wash these clothes, they could get damaged. You can't remove the stains, and the clothes might discolour. With dry cleaning services, they will make sure that they can adequately deal with your clothes based on the fabric.

If you think about the idea that your clothes could get damaged because of regular washing, you might realise that paying a dry-cleaning company to do the job would be worth it. You need to pay them quite a lot for the service, but you are saving your expensive clothing. Some of your clothes might even be limited editions, and once they get damaged, you can’t have them back.

Given these reasons, it best to have dry-cleaning companies do the job. Check out dry cleaning Chelsea offers if you reside in the area. They know what to do with even the most delicate clothes you have.

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