Nadi astrology is accurate or not.

Posted by ptvbajrangi on December 27th, 2018

Let's understand what Nadi is?

To South India what Nadi is, at the north, it's the Jyotisha. Both are Vedic sciences, however their development is independent of one another.

Naadi Palm readings are different to Naadi reading or astrology.

People confuse Naadi Palm readings into the Naadi astrology, both are different. Naadi palm readings are based on Mantra Naadi that has some occult disturbance. The thumb impression here plays an important role as it eases finding of the right palm leaf which might have the entire life reading such as the names of relatives.

Now, the catch here's the language on the palm leaf Is classical Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, or Kannada meaning that a typical south Indian to find trouble in reading it. Originally, its availability was limited to Tamil Nadu, but today it might be found all over the world. These voluminous unearthing of palm leaves adds a pinch of suspicion to it. Though I've not experienced any occult waves interacting with all palm reader however the greats such as Mr. B. V. Raman, Sri C.S. Patel, and scores of others have recorded their supernatural experiences. The methodology what they accommodate to decipher the entire life without the natal chart is a matter of debate.

Now, about the Naadi astrology, the predictions of this are undoubtedly stunning. Of the 83 Naadi that are known to us mortals only 23. I'd again wish to clarify here that 83 Naadis are the 83 techniques adopted by the excellent sages for prediction. A few of them are wiped off, and nothing is known about them, but these in trend are splendid. I, myself, have studied a Naadis and successfully adopted the processes from the Parashars and Bhrigu style of horoscope analysis.

Some Naadis that are worth a mention is the Dev Kerelam Nadi, The Nandi Nadi, Bhrigu Nadi, Pulippani Nadi, Agastya Nadi, Brihaspati Nadi, Manu Nadi, etc. 

These become popular among us astrologers as soon as we read it due to their!

  • Strategy techniques.
  • More reliant on the transit of four important planets. 
  • Detailed analysis report without going in thickness.
  • A not quite way of interpreting the graph.

All Naadis will also be observational reliant. They heavily rely on:
Face reading

  • Palm
  • Prashna
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Environment
  • Swara (Voice)
  • Breathing
  • Additional to Parashari Rules.

Thus, an individual that has the Knowledge of any two Naadi in depth will be spontaneous, true in his prediction and people who can unite these nadis from the north Techniques can never defect.

The advantage Naadi system within the others are immense, to name a few:

  • Locating the name, family name.
  • The sisters sequence.
  • The sequence of children.
  • Not quite dependent on the precise time of birth.
  • Ist job.
  • It's at best when dealing with Prashna.

Result: This gives good results and may be handled by the newcomer in the business.

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