Benefits of working in a Co-working environment

Posted by COWORKING on December 27th, 2018

Freelancers, contractor writers, and digital nomads operate as independent entrepreneurs, but it for sure doesn't mean that one has to create a vacuum. Working around with other freelancers in a Shared Office space benefit professionals in several ways. It offers individuals an opportunity to learn from colleagues who value their autonomy.

If we take it from this perspective, it's natural that freelancers and entrepreneurs appreciate the synergy of a place where talented and independent people converge. Thanks to the technology as it has made it easier than ever for them to bring their devices with them. It enables them to work with like-minded individuals like themselves from virtually anywhere.

If you too are thinking about moving to a co-working environment, consider the following benefits:

1. Networking and collaborating:

Co-working Space offers employees the opportunity to network and collaborate with bright minds. One might even make new friends in the process. Freelance writers may choose to work with graphic designers, and website designers, whose insights can help shape new perspectives.

2. Using tools:

There are several phone apps, web apps, and tools that were designed to be beneficial outside of the office. If you use the right tools, it can make all the difference in your ability to co-work successfully.

3. Breaking out of your comfort zone:

  1. Working with someone at Meeting Room space who has a completely different skill set can help you discover new ideas. You might notice new ideas coming into your mind. For example, if you are an experienced writer who collaborates with someone having more experience than you, you will notice you can learn a lot from them. Also, sometimes when experienced writers read some of their early compositions, they are likely to notice mistakes or passages they would have rephrased. If it has happened to you, think how polished your work could have been if you had access to your current knowledge, and expertise when you first started. In the same way, coming out of the comfort zone gives you a chance to find fresh solutions to existing problems. Interacting with co-workers who have thoughts like you or who work on similar projects as you can give you solutions to many problems. 

4. Great opportunity for introverts: There is no denying a fact that many writers are natural introverts. If you are one of them and are nervous about joining a Premium Office space challenge yourself! 

It might be an opportunity that will change your perspective towards yourself. When you step out from the comfort of your home and interact with people, you don’t know you are likely to gain confidence.

5. Work at your own pace:

Co-working allows you to create space between you and your clients. You get enough time to redirect energy and move at your own pace. With Virtual Office space, you are likely to stop devoting hours to the same distractions that normally plague your days. So, why not work in an open environment that is surrounded by new people? Without a doubt, co-working is a respite from strict deadlines and traditional office environment.

5. Making full use of your coworking space:

Most of the Co-working spaces allow small businesses working there to maintain an address for receiving packages and mail. One can also use a conference hall that is mostly provided free for meetings.

6. Avoiding loneliness:

Though working from home seems to be exciting, but it is not always the case. If one is working from home for a long period, it can have an isolating effect on the person after some time. Office Space is an easy fix because you don’t have to follow that 9-5 job rules, neither do you have to report to anyone. You work on your own, but at the same time, you get a chance to connect with the like-minded people who can become your friends or share business ideas that may help you grow your business manifolds shortly.  

Accrue Workplaces have were formed after considering the needs of freelancers, contractors or digital nomads who do not prefer traditional office environment and at the same time are not comfortable to work from home. If you are interested to rent a space from us, connect with us and we will be there to assist you.

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