Setting up Roku: Level up Your Binge-Watching Experience

Posted by Nikita on December 27th, 2018

Looking for setting up Roku? If so then this article is worth reading. First of all, we would like to congratulate you on the purchase of a brand new Roku device. Yet you need to get it fully operational. Let us tell you that is the default web address which plays the main role in the Roku setup process.

Regardless of whether you own a Roku TV, Streaming Stick or Box, the essential procedure is the equivalent and simple. Without further ado, let’s help you in making your Roku device up and running in no time. Continue reading.

Initial Roku Setup Preparation

Let’s walk you through the steps to get started with the basic setup.

  • Interface the Roku Box or Streaming Stick to your TV utilizing a cable.
  • Power on your Roku TV.
  • In the event that you own a 4K-empowered Roku Box or Streaming Stick, for example, a Streaming Stick+, Roku 4, Premiere, Premiere+ or Ultra, ensure you interface the stick or box to an HDMI port. There ought to be a label on the input. This is particularly imperative for compatibility with HDR-encoded content.
  • Regardless of whether you possess a 4K-empowered Roku TV, stick or box, ensure you approach web speeds that provide support for 4K.
  • Keep in mind that you can stream AVI Roku only by converting AVI files to Roku-supported formats. This is because the ‘Roku TV play AVI’ is not true. In simple words, the Roku TV doesn’t support AVI format.
  • On the off chance that you own a Roku Express Plus, you will get an option of interfacing a Roku box to a TV utilizing composite video and simple sound associations.
  • Place batteries in your remote control and plug in your Roku device to a power socket.

If you want to increase the memory of your Roku device, you can perform Roku 3 micro SD install process. Doing so will add external memory to your gadget.

Setting up Roku

Here is the procedure to set up a Roku device with ease.

First and foremost, power on your Roku TV which the Roku Box or Streaming Stick is associated with. Now the power up page will display, highlighting an animated logo.

Choose the language which you want to use for the on-screen Roku menu system. For TVs, there is also an option to choose the country you are in. Chances are that you may get purple screen Roku error. In this case, change the HDMI cable of your device. If this doesn’t fix the issue, contact our expert technicians at toll-free 1-844-748-9017.

After that, interface your Roku stick, TV or box to your wireless router for getting internet access. Roku sticks only utilize WiFi, while Roku TVs and boxes give both wireless and wired network options. In the case of utilizing WiFi, your Roku gadget will look through every single accessible system. Pick your favored system and enter your passcode.  

As soon as the network connection is built up, you may see a message that a product/firmware refresh might be accessible. Assuming this is the case, permit Roku to experience the update procedure.

In the case of utilizing HDMI, the Roku gadget will accordingly identify the resolution capacity along with aspect ratio of your TV and put the video output signal of the Roku gadget accordingly. You can change this later on the off chance that you wish.

The next step is to access web address on your device. It will ask you to enter Roku link code in the given box. This code can be found on your Roku TV screen.

Your Roku remote should function naturally because you require it to perform the instructions illustrated up until now. On the off chance that it requires pairing, you’ll see a notification and directions on your TV screen.

In the event that you own a Roku Enhanced Remote provided with selected Roku gadgets, check remote settings and set up the remote to manage the volume and power of your TV.  

Make an account by setting off to the signup page. Set up a username, secret key, give address data, and provide a payment method too.

There’s no fee for utilizing Roku gadgets; however, payment data is asked to make it speedy and simple to complete content rental payments, buys or pay extra membership expenses through your Roku gadget.

When you’ve made a Roku account, further guidelines will be shown on your TV screen, including a Roku link code.

You can also activate Roku without Credit Card if you don’t want to enter the payment information. Yeah! You read that absolutely right.

For this, navigate to the Roku no CC link and follow the steps mentioned above carefully.

Once done, a message will be displayed on the TV screen that your Roku Device has been activated. If you find any sort of difficulty while setting up your Roku gadget, feel free to get in touch with our highly-experienced technicians.

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