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Restyle Yourself with Best Five New Year's Resolution Ideas 2019

Posted by lifepositive on December 27th, 2018

With each passing day of 2018, the spark of the excitement of the New-year ignites and fills us with the fumes of enthusiasm and positivity. In the excitement of the brand new year, we all decide to become the best versions of ourselves with the start of the year. Hence, we create New-year resolutions so that we can redefine ourselves. So here we are sharing the best five New Years resolution ideas 2019, to make you all restyled and redefined versions of you!

But this isn’t the first time when you’ve decided to make New-Year resolutions, you have done this all your life but hardly have completed them. After all, breaking the resolutions is quite easier than just making them. While making resolutions, we forget the fact that we do not possess the supernatural power that we’ll just change in a blink of the eye. Taking little steps makes a lot of difference, not the sudden and bigger ones. Here we present to you five easy and unique New-Year’s resolutions, which you can really follow to become even better versions of yourself. So let’s get started!

1. I will meditate for at least fifteen minutes daily
With the fast-paced lifestyle, we are trapped by lifestyle diseases like stress, obesity, hypertension and many more. With the beginning of this New-year, pledge to take out at least 15 minutes for yourself. Trust me, with meditation, your work is already half done!
2. I will say yay veggies and nay to junkies
A lot of us rely upon foods like chips, fries, nachos, cookies etc. to fetch our hunger. This lead to various other health problem (including obesity, of course). This New-year, take a vow to eat lots of vegetables instead of junk food to stay healthier and happier.
3. I will opt for holistic healing instead of allopathic
Traditional way of healing (holistic healing) is proven to be better than allopathic as it targets the overall healing of the body. Holistic healing is nature-friendly and also much more effective than allopathic medicines. This new year, make a resolution to go for holistic healing, rather than going for allopathic.
4. I will not procrastinate from now
A laid-back and lazy attitude is not going to help you in any way. Time never waits for anyone, so pledge to stop procrastinating. Live in the present and achieve your goals right away.
5. I will not be afraid to take a chance
To achieve something big in life, you ought to take a chance and have confidence in yourself.  Remember, in life what you really want, will never come easy. Pledge to be confident and take chance in life.

These are some easy yet effective New-Year resolutions ideas 2019, which will help you in carving out the best version of yourself.  With these unique New-Year’s resolutions, restyle yourself!

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