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Posted by rohny01 on December 27th, 2018

Hair fall is the most common reason behind baldness. Today, there are a large number of men and women that are facing severe hair loss issues and as a result, they get bald. Baldness does not only mean to lose all hair of the head, your hair can fall even in a specific area of the head causing it to become hair less or bald. Baldness is most commonly observed in males and females both. But the ratio of baldness is more in men as compared to women. Today, there are so many techniques that you can use to re grow your hair and make your look young and attractive again. One of the commonly used methods is the hair transplant method.

There are many doctors and clinics that offer Hair Transplant in Pakistan. But there have been observed only a few doctors that are actually expert in their field and provide the quality service. While majority of the doctors are nonprofessional and are offering third class services especially in Lahore. This is because Hair Transplantation is quite an expensive method to re gain your hair. But some nonprofessional doctors try to attract people by providing their services in cheap rates as compared to a professional expert. But the difference lies in the results of the treatment. People do not get the desired results and then one day or the other; they somehow have to manage to get the original hair transplant treatment to prevent the further hair loss.

Cosmo Derma Hair Transplant clinic has been observed to be a professional clinic in Lahore that offers the best quality services with 100% effective results. There are so many different services that are being provided in this clinic. Doctor Ahmad Chaudhry, the owner of this clinic is a very skilled and trained doctor in his field. He has an experience of about 18 years in hair transplant treatment and has satisfied hundreds of his patients with the best results.

Doctor Ahmad Chaudhry uses different techniques for hair transplantation. The major methods that he uses are:

FUT Strip Hair Transplantation

FUE Hair Transplantation

PRP Hair Transplantation

All these three types of transplant techniques hold their own importance. But the most efficient and effective way to get rid of baldness is the FUE method. FUE stands for Follicular unit Transplantation. In this method, follicles from other parts of the body are taken where there are unnecessary hairs and then they are inserted on the head where there is baldness issue.  It is a long lasting technique of re gaining hair as compared to other methods.

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