5 Reasons to Study Bachelor of Nursing in Australia

Posted by Colin Butler on December 28th, 2018

Education for nurses is like oxygen. It’s impossible for them to operate without it. To function in a global healthcare system, it is important to be well-versed with internationally acclaimed patient-care practices. Therefore, here arises a need for nursing study abroad.

The idea of nursing study abroad can be alluring but one needs to put in genuine effort to stand out from the crowd. Not all nursing programs can give you the required skills and knowledge. Therefore, you must choose global nursing programs that bring along the opportunity to learn, practice and grow on a global front.

At INSCOL, we have handpicked nursing programs in different countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With the increasing emphasis on education for nurses, global nursing programs like Bachelor of Nursing in Australia are becoming a popular choice among Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs).

Wonder what Australia has in store for IENs? Let us help you find out! Mentioned below are a few reasons why you should study Bachelor of Nursing in Australia.

  1. Diversity of Education

Internationally Educated Nurses with an agenda to study nursing abroad and work in international healthcare settings can find many options in Australia. There are certain programs that fulfill the academic requirements to help you work as a Registered Nurse in the country. Our BSc Nursing program also facilitates timesaving pathways to nursing which depend on your current qualification and work experience (if any).   

  1. High Salaries

Nurses, from the many parameters that define growth, your salary is an important one. After completing an accredited nursing program like Bachelor of Nursing, you can establish a pathway towards nursing registration in the country. The average salary of RN is ,000 per year. However, these figures can vary based on the location, experience and seniority. Australia is one of the ten countries with highest paying capacity for nurses. To become a Registered Nurse (RN) in Australia, you must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, meet the registration standards, and complete a skills assessment test.

  1. Globally Recognized Healthcare System

Titled to be one of the best, Australian healthcare system, Medicare provides safe and reliable health care for you and your family. With an average life expectancy of 82.8, Australia has ranked as the healthiest nation in the southern hemisphere.

  1. Booming Career Opportunities

With the old nurses reaching their age of retirement, the country has an alarming demand for nurses. In order to equalize the disparities between demand and supply, Australia is on a hiring spree, creating opportunities for Internationally Educated Nurses.

  1. Pool of Multi-cultural Population

Since 1945, almost seven million people have migrated to Australia, which makes the country a culturally diverse place. In context to IENs, meeting healthcare professionals from different countries can help you create new learning experiences as everyone shows openness to new facts and techniques of healthcare coming their way.

How INSCOL Helps You?

Facilitating global pathways for nurses, INSCOL provides nursing and healthcare programs in countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our study programs also help in improving your eligibility for nursing registration.

Once you register with INSCOL, be assured to receive assistance in the entire process from beginning to the end and even after. For a FREE consultation, drop in your queries at info.ca@inscol.com

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