7 Foods To Fight Stress By Psychologist In Bhopal

Posted by mentalhealthbhopal on December 28th, 2018

Stress is all about the way of your body responding to any kind of event. “Stress is not a mental illness”, says a psychologist, offering stress treatment in Bhopal. It is like a burden on your mind and body. When the level of stress in your life is under control, it enhances your system. You experience a sense of energy. However, at times, when the stress level goes beyond a certain level, you may start feeling weak and tired.

There can be several reasons for being stressed, such as, you may be stressed over financial issues, impending wedding, hospitalization of someone you care about or yourself, death of your loved ones, breakups, relationship issues, work related issues, and so forth. There can be N number of reasons.

Here with this post, we are going to provide you with the names of couple of foods that can help you cope with stress as suggested by a psychologist, offering stress treatment in Bhopal. So, without wasting any time, let have a look at them in brief:

1. Chocolate

According to a psychologist, offering stress treatment in Bhopal, chocolates are one of the great busters of stress. Chocolates incorporate - magnesium, phenyl ethyl amine and carbohydrates. These ingredients can help you lift your spirits. It can assist you relax by decrementing the level of stress hormones in your body.

2. Coffee

BDNF is a brain derived protein, and it is responsible for maintaining the cells of your brain healthy. The consumption of coffee can stimulate the production of BDNF. In the event that the level of BDNF is lower, it can result in stress as well as depression. Neurotransmitters are responsible for controlling the changes in your mood, and coffee triggers many neurotransmitters.

3. Green leafy vegetables

Almost all the vegetable with green leaves incorporates magnesium in high quantity. Magnesium in your body keeps headaches and fatigue away, thus preventing stress also.

4. Black Tea

A psychologist, offering stress treatment in Bhopal, says that as compared to all other foods that helps in fighting stress, black tea is the most prominent one, and also offers relive in short span of time. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for causing stress, and Black tea cuts down the amount of cortisol, and provides you with a feeling of calmness.

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