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Posted by Mushroom Machines on December 28th, 2018

Mushroom Machines


Introduction   :-

                          We force on development of assortment of Industrial sheds and give the entire Mushroom Machinery which incorporate Project Report arrangement, common development and mushroom generation mushrooms contain 90% water and 10% dry matter. We are the maker of a wide range of Mushroom Farming Machinery and gives finish Mushroom Project Consultancy.


Our Services:-


(1)Mushroom-plant-setup :-   


                                    We provide full Project Consultancy in setup of a Mushroom Farm This unit controls the three sections nursery outflow fixation, moistness framework and mushroom chamber ventilation we likewise bargain in the development of Mushroom developing rooms made of puff board and protection material. We give   finish establishment of these rooms at your site.


(2) Mushroom Machinery   :-  

                            Mushroom machines bargains majorly into Button Mushrooms that are low in calories and fat, are the one which are great wellspring of Vitamins, Proteins and filaments. Our material are completely programmed, Semi-programmed and additionally automated to kept up good ecological condition inside Mushroom developing rooms and treating the soil unit to deliver best nature of Mushroom consistently. Mushroom machinery also setup a spawn lab machines, cultivation of machinery composting unit setup shed construction.


(3) Spawning Lab   : -

                        Generate science lab Machines Setup is that the mushroom grow material, containing mushroom spores with a blend of various materials to advertise producing.  This room should be spotless, for all sense and purposes clean to guarantee the long haul feasibility of your activity. Preparing of at least one people in clean culture work and generate creation is fundamental to have the capacity to keep up unadulterated societies and guarantee uncontaminated produce Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Equipment for mushroom developing uncontaminated produce Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Equipment for mushroom developing.


Laminar Air Flow is one of the Mushroom apparatus mark item in India. Our laminar wind streams are widely utilized for everyday clean rooms exercises, pathogen taking care of; microbiology and biotechnology works in various research centersin the spawn-production process, mycelium from a mycelia culture is placed onto steam-sterilized grain.


(4)Composting Unit Setup: -   

                   We setup full Composting Unit for business reason and for mushroom developing reason. Straw decides the structure and the supplement estimation of fertilizer. Treating the soil Pre-Wetting Dry rice straw is sliced to a length of 10 - 20 cm, are picked, the mushroom-developing chamber and its substance ought to be great pay for agriculturists, and use surplus labor in regional zones. The passage fertilizing the soil procedure is a measured totally encased and along these lines dependable control of the water content amid the treating the soil.

Conclusion: -

               We provide all types of machinery for mushroom growing and we setup also spawn lab unit setup for mushroom in clean lab and we also provide full setup for plantand also make the shed constructionand we also do the project consultancy and project report we also do site visiting and site mapping.


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