Premises Liability Suit Filed After Woman Trips on Sidewalk

Posted by SimonEsfandi on December 28th, 2018

If you’ve tripped over a crack on the sidewalk and sustained an injury, you might be tempted to put it down to your own clumsiness, but you don’t need to suffer alone due to someone else’s negligence. If the council in charge of maintaining the sidewalks hasn’t fulfilled their duties to keep you, and other residents, safe, you may be entitled to claim compensation under premises liability law. Although Compass Law Group, PC focus on Los Angeles premises liability law, this story from St Louis illustrates the process nicely.

Woman Files for ,000 After Sidewalk Fall

On November 10, 2017, Anna Chresanthakes allegedly tripped and fell in front of a building owned by Tomcat Construction LLC on Shaw Ave, St Louis. Sustaining injuries to her knee, spine and lower back, Ms. Chresanthakes claim that Tomcat Construction LLC and the City of St Louis failed to warn her about the hazardous condition of the pavement. According to the lawsuit, the defendants failed to maintain the sidewalk in a safe condition, and also did not provide a safe alternative route, nor warnings to help pedestrians avoid injury. The plaintiff has requested a trial by jury, and is seeking at least ,000, plus legal costs. The suit was filed in St. Louis Circuit Court on January 31.

Premises Liability in Los Angeles

Slip and fall accidents are very common, and can happen in a wide range of locations. For example, the floor in a shopping mall may be wet after mopping and, despite knowing that the floor is wet, a warning sign has not been placed in a visible location by any member of staff. Should you slip on that floor and sustain injuries, you could be entitled to file a claim under Los Angeles premises liability law. All manner of premises are covered by this premises liability law – from shopping malls and movie theaters, to construction sites, rental properties, restaurants, and everything in between. A premises liability claim may also arise from an accident at your place of work.

Common Types of Premises Liability Claim

While working as Los Angeles premises liability attorneys, we encounter various injuries sustained in many different ways. Although each case is individual, many of them can be categorized into one of the following common groups:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Hotel accidents
  • Wet floor accidents
  • Accidental drowning
  • Fire-related accidents

If you’ve had an accident, and believe you may qualify for a Los Angeles premises liability claim, contact Compass Law Group, PC to discuss your options.

Working with a Los Angeles Premises Liability Attorney

The injuries you sustain in a slip and fall accident, or similar, can be life-changing, and may leave you unable to generate an income for quite some time. If your ability to work has been affected by an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, an excellent Los Angeles premises liability attorney could help you recover the financial compensation you are entitled to, and deserve.

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