Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Digital Marketing like Never Before!

Posted by Fluper on December 28th, 2018

In this digital era of technology, we have witnessed various path-breaking advancements in technology like Android, self-driving cars, virtual reality etc. Artificial intelligence is the newest edition that is also included in this list. Artificial Intelligence has been a trending topic in present mobile app development world. No doubt in saying that AI is revolutionizing all industries and even digital marketing is under its influence. AI’s online support interaction is flawless as now machines can predict the behavior of buyer and use that information to resolve the complicated issues.

Let’s check out how Artificial Intelligence benefits digital marketing -

Increased User Experience

Great user experience is the only thing that can keep the audience attached to your website. Ensure that your website is built in such a way that it provides visitors ease of use. After the involvement of AI in digital marketing, it has become quite easier to predict the behavior of buyers. Chatbots are providing us with better service to handle issues in the perfect way.

Better Return on Investment

High-level image recognition is one of the eminent features of AI that has made the payment processes extremely faster. Now it has become extremely easy to resolve security concerns that are involved in online transactions. With the help of machine learning, we can collect sufficient data from user behavior. Besides this, machine learning provides a better algorithm of decision making that brings out great ROI.

Easier Search Sessions

It does not matter if the current search sessions of users are quite well but sometimes they can get confused. Now Android app development services are infused with AI has made it simpler to track user’s behavior as well as predict their future decisions.

Reaching the Target Audience

If you want to bring value to your brand and its assets then it is essential to reach the right audience. From now, you need not to worry about anything as digital marketing based on AI has made it simpler to reach the target audience. This is because it helps to find people depending on their demography, interests as well as other aspects.

Better Advertising

If you want to promote your brand then advertisements are the best thing. This is because AI collects as well as analyses user data according to the audience’s preferences.

Features AI Offers When Marketing Digitally

AI helps in shopping

Artificial intelligence is a trending topic that has changed the way people shop. Now people can take the trial of clothes that they want to buy and choose the best one. In this way, people can try different outfits just by sitting at home and all the credit of this goes to artificial intelligence.

Content Generation and Curation

AI not only help to choose perfect content but also get the marketers/companies' ROI in terms of eyeball, impressions, reach, likes and sales. We all better know that content is an important part of digital marketing through which you can reach to the top rank of the search engine. But it is extremely difficult to come up with unique content. Actually, there is already a lot of content available on the web that is repetitive. AI-powered content generation has become quite popular as the content is written automatically according to information gathered.

Image Recognition

Digital marketing is also impacting product tagging as well as visual search. Pinterest has come up with “Visual Discovery” where users can post pictures of anything and find a perfect match for that image. Because of all this, the mobile app developers need to stay up with the latest trends and ensure that product image is presented properly on the internet.

Voice SEO

In present times, technology has become too much advanced as now phone can easily identify human voice and report to its command. Now AIs of phones can identify music for you and easily track your preferences and Shazam is the best example of this. At the end of 2020, it is expected that voice SEO will take over online search by 50%. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is extremely easy to customize ads according to the target audience.

Sales Forecasting

AI is revolutionizing sales forecast by paying attention to various factors. This technology can track user’s actions and suggest better actions. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can set prices of products according to special days.


AI is one of the active technologies that are continuously doing wonder in different fields. Involvement of AI in digital marketing is making things easier for brands. Do you need an artificial intelligence app for Android or iOS? Get in touch with Fluper i.e, best Android app Development Company that gives you assurance, smooth delivery which help you in positive growth of your business.

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