Mood and ?Tude: Tips for Managing Your Teen?s Moodiness

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This is dedicated to all you parents with a moody teen. The teenage years are the years in which hormones are as active as ever. Your child is trying to find their identity and navigate through the overwhelming social world. As a result of these building pressures and the impacts of Mother Nature, your child may exhibit mood swings and become the expert eye-roller in the house. Unfortunately, there is no “off” button for these moody moments. This is a natural part of transitioning from a child to an adult. This is the awkward in-between stage full of pimples and drama.

Manage the Moodiness

Your teen’s moody behavior may become extremely exhausting and terribly unpredictable. You should keep your own sanity intact at all costs. Here are some ways you can manage your teen’s moodiness:

  1. Don’t ask.This is a very straightforward tip that moms tend to have a hard time following. Your teen probably already thinks you are “all up in their business”. So get out. When your teenager looks or seems annoyed about something, don’t ask. Give them some time to shake it off and if they want to vent, they will.
  2. Don’t put down the things that make them light up.This tip is so important. Do not offend your teen’s idols (singers, dancers, actors, etc.) or talk negatively about the activities they enjoy. Teens look for their parents to be supportive and accepting of their tastes and passions. If you don’t like them, fine, but don’t express that. Find peace in knowing your child has passions and role models.
  3. Help end the insecurity. The teenage years bring about a new level of insecurity. Teens want to be popular and attract their crush. Body image is a huge concept during the teenage years. Do your part in making sure your teen knows they are enough. Compliment them regularly. Whether it is on their talents, outfit, academics, sense of humor, everything counts.
  4. Feels are real. Remember to keep in mind that your teen has reasons and feelings. If you get into a fight or even the smallest of discussions, remember that a bad day or other reasons may have responded in a certain way. Talk it out. Hug it out.
  5. Leave room for joy. It is very important that your child regularly engages in activities and hobbies that they enjoy. This can have a significant impact on their mood and make them more pleasant to be around. If their favorite activity doesn’t require physical exertion, make sure they are exercising too. This is important just to maintain good health and to release endorphins. And those make you happy.
  6. Quality time has quality benefits. Busy schedules often get the best of us. Make sure you are keeping up with your teen and their life. Do things together to relax, bond, and enjoy each other’s company. They may not show it, but they miss you when you are not as involved. Trust me.
  7. Knock, please. Nothing grinds a teenager’s gears quite like feeling like they are always having their privacy invaded upon. Don’t barge into their personal space unannounced. Privacy is a delicate thing to teenagers and sometimes they need time to be alone with themselves. Asking before entering shows your teen that you respect their privacy.

ViewPoint Center can help

ViewPoint Center is a private mental health hospital for teenagers ages 12 to 17. If your child’s moodiness is more than typical teenage behavior and you’re questioning their diagnosis, we may be able to help. While at our program, your child has the chance to stabilize and undergo a comprehensive assessment process to plan for future treatment. Learn more about our program by calling 855-290-9682.

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