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Posted by craighpaul on December 28th, 2018

The nearly 130,000 Muslims who live in the Communist consume, whenever they can, "halal" products: a seal that certifies that they have been prepared in accordance with Islamic law and an emerging business opportunity for entrepreneurs in the food, tourism and even financial sectors. These products can be easily got from frozen wholesale chicken suppliers in usa. Brazilbestfrozenchicken is one of them who are known for their best quality product.

The limits of the "halal" market extend beyond the two million people who practice Islam. It also accommodates the seven million Muslims who cross the Strait of Gibraltar every year and reach all those who, in any part of the world, promise to visit the lost kingdom of Al-Andalus. Halal Certified Chicken exports from Brazil is only done by certified companies.

The Community, a place of obligatory passage for the Moroccans and Algerians who return home every summer, already has 500 "halal" points of sale and has three food industry industries accredited by the Halal Institute, the official certifying authority since 2003

It looks and tastes like the chicken of any supermarket but, for Muslims, the "halal" meat is very different: they know that the animal has been slaughtered facing towards Mecca , with a clean and dry cut under the neck, and that pronounced a prayer at the moment of killing him.

Export to the whole world

As the Koran prescribes, in the industrial slaughterhouse of birds of SADA in Sueca (Valencia) they allow the chickens to bleed until they are lifeless , a simple change in the work routines that can open the doors of the international market.

Thus, thanks to having the "halal" seal, the food companies do export of brazil whole frozen chicken. Just by making sure that none of its products incorporate additives from animals or alcohol, according to its Quality Manager, Raquel Ramos.

Although it cannot calculate exactly how much the Valencia Company’s sales have increased since it is certified, it can affirm that now it "reaches the Arab public", as well as the "halal" goodies that Marshmallow International makes in Alcoi (Alicante).

Any food is likely to be "halal", provided that it does not carry any "haram" or banned by Islam: pork and carnivores or dead animals, as well as alcohol and any product that carries any of these components, explains the director of the Halal Institute, Isabel Romero.

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